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Press Release Category Teens - Teen Life - Graffiti Masterclass Release Date: January 11, 2008

Teens snub the war on graffiti and find their heroes on the street.

By Graffiti Masterclass
January 11, 2008
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Online forum users demand 'color not concrete' and find self expression in a much-maligned form of art.

PR9.NET January 11, 2008 - London, UK - Teenagers everywhere are angry at society for demonizing graffiti and many feel like outcasts, confined to practice their art in hiding rather then expressing it freely. Kids do not want to grow up in the ugly, grey carbuncles that are today's inner cities - the product of decades of under-investment and neglect. They want color, creativity & vibrancy and the opportunity to work constructively to make their cities more attractive through legal, community based art projects or commissioned works.

The findings are taken from the ongoing discussion and debate at the website which offers graffiti lessons and videos for budding artists wanting to practise their art responsibly. According to founder Neil Campbell, disillusion toward the establishment is on the increase with kids instead embracing the style of the street. Teens today look for role models such as Banksy who shun the soundbites and rhetoric of today's politicians and instead make their own statements about society, war and other issues through their own art.

Indeed, cities around the world are beginning to embrace graffiti as an art form. In Liverpool - officially Europe's Capital Of Culture 2008 - a row has erupted over a piece by Banksy that was partially covered by local authorities. The piece, a 30ft rat, has become a local tourist attraction attracting hordes of visitors eager to take photos. Many locals and visitors have demanded the piece be uncovered in full as it adds to the cultural element of the city.

But this trend is not just confined to the UK. In December 2007 The Corinthia Towers Hotel in Prague also commissioned 2 graffiti artists to brighten up its interior by spraying 6 pieces in selected areas throughout the buidling - and the feedback has only been positive.

Neil says "Its about time politicians realized that kids need a platform to express themselves and graffiti offers them that. They need an vehicle for their talents and every city I know has a ton of derelict space that could be put to much better use - legally."

With a piece by Banksy, 'The Rude Lord', selling for a colossal $670 000 at Sotheby's last year it appears this art form will only get more popular with time.

The pro-graffiti movement is massive - politicians take note - and the debate will continue for a long time to come yet.

Log on to to join the debate about graffiti and take your art to a new level.

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Website & forum dedicated to promoting graffiti as an art form and positive from of expression.

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