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Press Release Category Society - Education - Verinoque Inc. Release Date: September 20, 2007

The Current Michael Vick Charges Can Be a Thing of the Past In Professional Sports

By Verinoque Inc.
September 20, 2007
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With the current verdict against Michael Vick, many are wondering what should be done in the future to prevent the seemingly continual misbehaviors of these professional sports players. Professional sports is such an integral part of our culture today that it is not going to go away. It is also a profession where many young people today take their role models from. What can be done to 'clean up' the image of these professional teams?

PR9.NET September 20, 2007 - Denver, CO - A powerful new training manual "The Choice Is Mine" is now being offered through a special program to help with the crisis faced by many professional sports teams today. This unique and pioneering course provides a detailed, step by step path for assisting the professional athletes and the support staff into building empowering, supportive and open relationships, with teammates coaches and the public. Its use has been highly successful in showing and assisting players who are struggling in different ways because they are making unaware/poor choices, or are still operating from old beliefs developed in childhood. The Choice is Mine immediately strengthens and fine-tunes core values, thereby changing destructive patterns by building constructive onesÉ from the inside out.

This powerful empowering process was developed by Veronique, a Life Consultant and founder of the Veronique Inc. and the Enlightened Heart Foundation, who created the first HOW to the WHAT that most personal transformation books talk about. "Because this process works at both the conscious and subconscious levels, it is really only a matter of following the step-by-step guidance in the training manual. Most people will see and experience results that have come so easily, they won't realize it was from the work they had done with the manual."

Conditions, such as low performance, anger, low self worth, and disruptive habits are more easily overcome because it becomes instinctive, as it is a natural outcome of studying this material. We begin at the beginning, by teaching athletes to work FOR, and not AGAINST anything. This course builds honoring and strengthening the character of each athlete, while creating a supportive guidance system as a way to extend leadership and integrity.

The Choice Is Mine provides comprehensible explanations, touching, clarifying, and illustrating through a clear-cut understanding that anyone is able to absorb, "This course is fits within middle school reading levels through pre and postgraduate levels", said Veronique. "The goal of our training is for each athlete to discover their unlimited capacity for achievement both on and off the field, build respect, and honor for one another, and all living things as they create the greatness of the next generation of professional sport players."

Barry Spilchuk, author of 'A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul' says " Wow! Inspirational and Triumphant for Generations. With grace, The choice is Mine reminds us that there is something more important than our fears... Love. Better yet, Veronique's writings have a clear intent that will support, nurture , as well as provide you tools to recognize and overcome challenges you have set in your life. If anyone has ever said to you, 'Look inside yourself for the answers,' and you said silently, 'How do I do that?' Veronique's book, her empowering process, will allow you to go deep inside and give a voice of truth to your fears, and a reality to your hopes and dreams. It is a treasure to pass onto everyone you know."

"With these manuals used in player development programs with professional sports teams, we will be able to really see substantial differences in how children interrelate with each other. Athletes who have high self worth aren't affected by belief systems which cause them to make choices that aren't empowering and lack in strength of character, or be in so much anger that they feel the need to take that anger out in destructive, and/or career ending ways," said Veronique.

To find out more about The Choice Is Mine now, go to . To find out more about the Professional Player Development Program of Veronique Inc., go to

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