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Press Release Category Society - Education - Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow Release Date: June 13, 2013

Online question and answer website for ECOT students

By Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow
June 13, 2013
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ECOT Discuss is an online tool which will enable student collaboration as we offer a safe forum for their questions, discussions and social interaction with teachers and classmates. This website is designed to help students with their questions and answers in a group setting.

PR9.NET June 13, 2013 - ECOT Discuss is designed to help students by offering a website which is specifically designed to enable students to ask and answer questions. Here is a look at what ECOT discuss will allow.

• The person who asked the question can select the answer but these may be modified by an administrator.
• The discussion community is able to vote on the correct answer if the initial asker is either unable to select the correct answer or is no longer active in the discussion.
• The questions and answers discussion becomes a part of a permanent and searchable database so that subsequent visitors who have the same question will be able to find their solution.
• The students are not on their own in the ECOT discussion. Every question, response, comment, reply and discussion is moderated.
• The discussions are well organized by categories and through the use of tagging. Categories include subjects such as Math, History, English, and more. The tags within those categories will include algebra, pre-calculus and American History.
• Young people love being rewarded. The site has been gamified and they will get points and be awarded status upgrades in exchange for their positive participation.

The ECOT Discuss forum will encourage student interaction and learning through the use of positive reinforcement and peer review style instruction. Consider these benefits:

• ECOT Discuss reinforces student knowledge as it encourages them to share and teach each other.
• Students are more likely to be at ease in this setting and consequently feel less inhibited about asking questions of their peers than they might of their teachers.
• Students can also sharpen their own leadership skills by assisting newly enrolled ECOT students in becoming familiar with the discussion board.
• This tool provides a way for the students to share their knowledge through the use of a social format.
• The positive peer reinforcement and collaborative learning setting is an encouragement to students.

ECOT Discuss is beneficial to our students primarily because studies have shown that when students are actively involved with their course content, they tend to feel more empowered thus resulting in a more active participant who has increased interest in the subject and more motivation to be involved in the course. (Kassup , 2003; Kubala, 1998) In addition, ECOT Discuss will encourage students to utilize critical thinking skills as the reflective nature of the site will require that they consider other (possibly contrary) perspectives and consider their responses.

ECOT Discuss will encourage class community within the ECOT student body which will be reflected through an enhanced cohesiveness, more open communication, and more trust amongst the students as they become increasingly familiar with each other. This is an active learning tool that will result immediately in the student's learning, retaining and applying course content practically thus allowing him to achieve greater cognitive and exploratory learning.

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Contact Information of Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow Contact Information of Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow

About Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow

ECOT is the largest online K-12 public school in Ohio.

More than 8,000 high school seniors have graduated from ECOT, and enrollment has continued to grow every year since we began in 2000.

The founding principle behind ECOT is simple. We provide a great education and school experience to students who don't fit into the traditional classroom setting

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