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Bible Seminar on What Jesus Told is Achieved in Today's World

Amid a global decline in the religious population, a clear explanation of the Bible has drawn more than 140,000 believers to the church and the attention of millions. - SCJ news, December 29, 2021

The Bible Explained: All the Verses of Revelation Are Connected to the Reality of Our Times

Shincheonji, Church of Jesus has started a weekly Revelation seminar for 2 months. Chairman Lee of Shincheonji has started the Seminar by speaking on Chapter 1 of Revelation - SCJ news, October 25, 2021

Connection to the Real World: Revelation is Revealed

Shincheonji, Church of Jesus will be holding a weekly bible seminar for 2 months. The seminar will explain the prophecies recorded in the book of revelation based on the 5W1H method. - SCJ news, October 08, 2021

“Women, Can We Adjust the Blindspot in America?” A Verdadism Art Exhibition for Women’s History Month by Soraida.

A Verdadism Art Exhibition for Women’s History Month by Soraida. Soraida Martinez’s main message is against systemic racism. For over 25 years now, the artist has been carrying her message of tolerance and social justice with her Verdadism paintings and social commentaries. Soraida is a historically significant artist of today…an artist to know. - Artist, Soraida, March 14, 2021

Hispanic Heritage Month Artist to Know: Historically-significant Artist, Soraida Martinez

Since 1992, Soraida Martinez, Creator of Verdadism, has been promoting tolerance, empathy and social justice with her paintings and written social commentaries. Artist, Soraida’s message to Latinos: You need to vote in November; it’s the most important thing you can do in America today!
- Artist, Soraida, October 11, 2020

Launch of an innovative, multifunctional e-learning platform for European Neighbourhood countries

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to consider effective and innovative teaching and learning channels without linking them with the Virtual Learning Environment, Information and Communication Technologies and tools for personalising the education for learners (e.g. B-learning). The development of electronic media, internet, along with widespread use of mobile devices and applications, resulted in a massive increase of interest in information processing and knowledge creation through electronic learning mechanisms. - E-Platform for Neighbourhood, April 13, 2016

Web resource for online phd uk revealed

Online PhD UK the website resource developed by Mr. Richard Barrett, aims to help interested PhD hopefuls find up-to-date and reliable information on available doctoral programs. - Online PhD UK, August 18, 2013

Hoosac Valley Regional Middle & High School Project Certified LEED Gold

Great Barrington, MA - Brian Sutton, LEED AP, president of eCaerus Sustainable Solutions is proud to announce that the Hoosac Valley Regional Middle & High School renovation and addition project has been certified LEED Gold. - eCaerus Sustainable Solutions, July 22, 2013

Interior Image Group awarded Bronze Citation for design of University Recreation Building

Interior Image Group has been honored with a Bronze Citation award from the American School & University Education Interiors Showcase 2013 for their interior design of the Student Life and Recreation Center at Olivet Nazarene University. - RMAC, June 28, 2013

Online question and answer website for ECOT students

ECOT Discuss is an online tool which will enable student collaboration as we offer a safe forum for their questions, discussions and social interaction with teachers and classmates. This website is designed to help students with their questions and answers in a group setting. - Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, June 13, 2013

10 Day Triumph Announces 25% Off Success Coaching Course Launch

Finding a big hit success coaching course to provide permanent results at a fair cost is a time consuming and generally costly process. The 10 Day Triumph Success Course does this by providing short and pertinent techniques to guarantee immediate personal growth through the best success coaching methods. - 10 Day Triumph, February 27, 2013

Crowd Sourcing to Repay Debt to Strangers

Film producer, Keith Hawke, has mounted a campaign to raise funds to develop a free phone app that will allow people to get the correct pronunciation of English words anywhere, anytime. It will be simple and quick to use and practical. - Hawke Films, February 19, 2013

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