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Press Release Category Society - Senior Citizens - Debbie Ferrari, Internet Realty Broker Release Date: November 29, 2009

New Jewelry Minddot Contains Private Affirmations To Reinforce Personal Goals

By Debbie Ferrari, Internet Realty Broker
November 29, 2009
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A new aid in self-affirmation consists of a jewelry amulet with affirmations written on it, and a corresponding web site for updating personal successes as they are achieved. Owners can reset their goals online so that the three affirmations on the Minddot are always meaningfully current.

PR9.NET November 29, 2009 - Anaheim, CA - Minddot™, a new pocket, purse or necklace jewelry amulet containing three self-motivating statements helps remind the bearer of his successes, goals and aspirations.

A corresponding web site page at aids the owner in keeping his assertions current.

Designed to inspire personal success like motivational speakers or self help DVD's do, performing a 3-step, 60-second "Minddot Moment" gets one refocused fast. A "Minddot Moment" is accomplished when the owner concentrates several times a day upon the three confidence-building statements printed on one side of the 2-inch, shiny, stainless steel Minddot.

Reading the sayings reinforces consciousness of one's self, one's purpose, and one's worth in the here and now.

Minddots also help build corporate camaraderie or faith-based affinity when given out at motivational seminars, religious gatherings, national conventions, sales meetings, trade shows, and as high-ticket-event admission tokens.

They can also reward an employee for exceptional service, serving as a badge of corporate dedication. A shiny, stainless steel Minddot also makes a classic paperweight on an office desk.

Minddot necklaces are wildly versatile, doubling both as a high-fashion statement as well as youthful "bling," except this bling has a real "message."

Each Minddot bears three lines of text. And whenever one reviews the three lines, s/he is experiencing a Minddot Moment.

1. Give thanks.

Reflecting on this, you express gratitude for what you already have, your health, clothes, home, children, money...all that you experience in life. Some people might thank God or another deity; others might thank the universe at large, etc.

2. Think you already have what you want.

Focusing on this, you again give thanks for what you have, and now you also list all that you still want in life---true love, successful business, money, fame, new car, overcoming addictions, etc. Furthermore, you affirm that you already have the attributes and things that you want---they just haven't arrived for you yet, but will. You lay specific plans to gain these items.

3. Think Happiness and Joy.

Here you affirm love for yourself. You say, "I love me. I am a good person with a good heart." You overcome any feelings of self-doubt or inadequacy.

You look at how you can make others happy.

Each Minddot includes a free password-protected website page
which the owner may visit to update his interpretations of his three Minddot statements.

The ideal "Minddot Moment"

The recommended "Minddot Moment" usage is to hold the Minddot in the hand and go through the three statements. Doing this can be combined with visiting the Minddot web site at, and reading aloud the statements previously written there by the owner.

If one or more of the three statements has changed in his life since he last visited the web site, the owner can update what he previously wrote, thus always creating for himself satisfaction with what has occurred for him, while setting newer goals in life to aid in gaining further success and happiness.

Minddots are available in any quantity, and may be ordered online at:, or by phone at 800-870-2844.

Corporate, religious, or very large personalized purchases can be handled by contacting Minddots at:

4126 E Addington DR,
Anaheim, CA 92807 |
Phone: 800-870-2844
Fax: 800-870-2844
Hours of Operation: 8am - 5pm PST

# # #

Contact Information of Debbie Ferrari, Internet Realty Broker Contact Information of Debbie Ferrari, Internet Realty Broker
Phone 949-496-4159
FAX 949-487-6782
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 2924 Camino Capistrano. Unit D,
San Clemente, CA 92672

About Debbie Ferrari, Internet Realty Broker

Debbie Ferrari's web site lets visitors find all MLS properties for sale in Southern California. Debbie, a 30-year licensed real estate broker, is listed as one of billionaire Donald Trump’s top 100 real estate advisors in his new book, “Trump: The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received.” Debbie dominates the South Orange County, California Internet. Her 1,000-page web site at ( ranks high on Debbie, a licensed California real estate broker (not merely a sales person as are most agents), is a skilled Internet user. This means that she interacts fast with even foreign buyers for both U.S. residential and commercial needs. She is the 2007 President-elect of the National Council of Exchangors, thus well aware of 1031 investment property rules and laws. Debbie is well connected, politically, in her local communities, with an impressive record of community service.

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