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Press Release Category Society - Senior Citizens - Letlifein Release Date: August 09, 2007

Boomers and seniors find that returning to the workforce tougher than expected.

By Letlifein
August 09, 2007
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After retirement or being "let go," finding a great job or changing careers is more myth than reality, reports

PR9.NET August 09, 2007 - Mission Viejo CA. - In the last few years there have been numerous articles about how people who have retired are now going back to work and that big companies are anxious to have them.

"There is definitely a myth out there that older people are in demand. That finding a great job after 50 –or even a career change, is what boomers and seniors are doing these days," says Gary Geyer, Editor of ( "We are not talking about a $9 an hour job or a "Welcome-to-Wal-Mart-type career opportunity," he added.

"Try and find a great job or start a new career in a field that you have absolutely no experience in. That ain't gonna happen," says Geyer.

According to, research shows that boomers and seniors are perceived as good workers, loyal, dependable, experienced, and enthusiastic about returning to the workforce. That may be true but all the old problems and prejudices are still prevalent. believes that age discrimination is NOT a thing of the past.

"First, if you want to return to a similar position that you had, you will find that your company has replaced you with a younger person at half the salary you were making. The perception that older people are past their prime still exists, especially by younger people doing the hiring," claims Geyer.

"Online applications seem to knock us out of the water," says Geyer. has found that most large companies have an online application process that asks job seekers for information on previous employment and the salaries they were making. If you are honest, it's a dead giveaway that you are an older applicant or applying for a job that you are "unqualified" for."

"An interview with a human resource person to explain your situation seems to be a thing of the past," adds Geyer. Since everything is online now, the applications are usually lengthily with multiple choice answers to choose from. No room for explanations, let alone an opportunity to present yourself and your abilities."
"At best, you receive an automated response (most times you don't even get that) thanking you for wanting to join their company and that unfortunately there are no jobs currently available that fit your qualifications. However they will keep your application on file and if something comes up they will "certainly" let you know."
This article is a good example of how ( takes on topics that raise questions. 'Let Life In' doesn't shy away from controversial issues. Its aim is to present life after 50 as it really is.

"That's not to say we don't write about the fun part of being 50plus too," says Geyer. "We have posted some great articles on adventure travel, 50+ celebrities, 50+ achievers, humor, brain squeezers, sex quizzes, advice, being healthy, feeling good and a cartoon of the day." is about experiencing the full spectrum of life after 50 – the good, the bad and the ugly. It is not about happy or sad or plus or minus. It runs the gamut. When you truly let life in, you experience all of it."

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About Letlifein

Our name and rallying cry, "Let Life In" reflects a positive attitude about being 50+. “Let Life In” is not a religion –it’s an attitude. It is not about happy or sad or plus or minus. “Let Life In” is about all of it. We believe that when you truly let life in, you will experience all of it.”

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