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Press Release Category Society - Senior Citizens - Venture Farm Release Date: June 21, 2007 posts controversial article titled "Let's face it, Over 50 Sucks!"

By Venture Farm
June 21, 2007
Send SEND Print PRINT Download PDF Version PDF Contact Venture Farm CONTACT an online magazine & social network has as its lead article a controversial topic that those 50+ often push under the rug. (

PR9.NET June 21, 2007 - Irvine CA - "Let Life In" never fails to be controversial. Once again they jar the 50+ community with an article that goes against today's politically correct tide.

The lead article this week is titled "Let's face it, Over 50 Sucks!" ( )
Gary Geyer, the Let Life In editor-in-chief, says, "Although this article reflects only one man's opinion (and he wishes to remain anonymous), many people over 50, boomers and seniors, feel that being 50+ may NOT be "the best time of their lives." The media keeps telling us that we feel that it is (and it appears to be, at least on paper). The writer of the article thinks that we are being "brainwashed" into believing that it should be."

The 'Let Life In' article suggests that while some who are over the age of 50 are enjoying their lives, others may feel inadequate and depressed because they don't feel they are enjoying this part of their lives as much as they are supposed to.

"After 50, many things change: our looks, our role in the workplace, our physical condition and mental health, our families and friends The question asked is, "Has it changed for the better?"

Geyer says that the ironic part is that the article is not just a rant and does end positively. He says the writer admits that he believes in the 'Let Life In' philosophy – that "everything is part of life...the good, the bad and the in between and although we don't always like it, we need to accept it all and go with the flow."

Geyer adds, "Hey, that's life, right?' is an online magazine and social network for those 50+ ( With a cutting edge and an irreverent sense of humor, covers the concerns, the issues and the controversies that those over 50 encounter. is a place for boomers and seniors to explore what is out there, express what they feel and in the process, enrich their lives.

Contact: Gary Geyer, Editor in Chief

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