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Press Release Category Society - Senior Citizens - Pennywise Direct Release Date: September 19, 2006

Anti Aging skin care products launched in UK

By Pennywise Direct
September 19, 2006
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Pennywise Direct launches BST Anti Aging skin care products for mature adults and active seniors.

PR9.NET September 19, 2006 - London, England, Pennywise Direct, online retailer for mature shoppers and active seniors launches exclusive BST Anti Aging skin care products in the United Kingdom.

Science is continually breaking new ground in the fight against aging and the demand for products that remove wrinkles, improve our complexion and restore youthful beauty has never been greater. But consumers are also insisting skin care products available today are packed full of natural ingredients rather than a mix of chemicals too hard pronounce.

To achieve this Pennywise Direct has launched both the BST Anti Aging Skin Care System
And BST Skin Lightening and Rejuvenation Formula to consumers within the UK.

The BST Anti Aging System consists of three natural products; BST Anti Aging Cream, Nourishing Eye Cream and Dark Circle Eliminating Essence. All products are infused with a delicate balance of Chinese herbs and plant extracts to help slow the aging process and restore the skins natural beauty.

BST Anti Aging Cream – A luxurious cream rich in natural ingredients aweto, lavender and bodhi fruit helps to nourish and improve the elacticity of skin around the cheek, mouth and forehead.

BST Nourishing Eye Cream - Naturally enriched with herbs and plant extracts microcirculation to tiny blood vessels close to the eye will improve – helping to reverse the signs of ageing.

BST Dark Circle Eliminating Essence – Developed to dramatically reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes its natural active formula is gentle on the sensitive tissue surrounding the eyes.

Skin suffering from the appearance of age spots, liver spots, freckles and pigmentation can be restored with the BST Skin Lightening and rejuvenation products which include Lavendar Nano Whitening cream and Liulan Whitening Essence. The Nano Whitening cream is filled with the patented herbal whitening reductive, Bodhi Fruits UAA, to help reduce the signs of skin blemishes and pigmentation. While Liulan Whitening Essence delivers a gentle soothing effect to the skin to remove redness.

All products can be purchased separately through Pennywise Direct or bought together as a package to provide a full all natural anti aging system.

For more information on BST Anti Aging skin care products:

BST Anti-Aging Skin Care System;
BST Skin Lightening and Rejuvenation Formula;

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About Pennywise Direct

Pennywise Direct is an online retailer providing household and personal products to mature shoppers and active seniors.

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