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Press Release Category Society - Relationships - TopSavings.Net Release Date: November 17, 2008

"Sex Better Sell", Says CEO of TopSavings.Net

By TopSavings.Net
November 17, 2008
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TopSavings.Net embarks on a journey of marketing it's telecom toll free partners via sex topics. Sex and telecommunications, will they mix?

PR9.NET November 17, 2008 - Economic problems have been plaguing businesses nationwide in the recent years and while some businesses go belly up, a few stand strong and continue to fight to stay alive in their drying markets. One such struggling business is TopSavings.Net, an online business that caters mainly to the telecommunications industry for B2B and B2C markets.

TopSavings.Net has been faced with the recent problem of dying B2B sales. In particular their 800 number service sales have been a major marketing hurdle for them. "B2B advertising is no longer becoming cost efficient for our ROI", says Aaron Siegel, CEO of the online site TopSavings.Net. "I have been wanting to increase the revenue for our toll free providers, however the B2B market is saturated and competition is fierce. B2B customers have been dwindling, and it has become obvious that our box is no longer comfortable. Thinking outside that box led us to the subject of sex."

Sex and 800 numbers, how does it fit into a marketing plan dominated by the current purchasing power of a B2B market? "Well", explains Siegel "we have marketed via articles for some time with success but had only targeted businesses in our writing or simple everyday consumer fluff for our other products. Knowing that sex sells, we needed to find a way to incorporate sex into our marketing plan, of course, without getting sleazy."

What TopSavings.Net has started to do is market their articles for dating and relationship related sites to corner the singles market for 800 numbers, if such a market existed in the first place. Their articles are portraying toll free numbers as being sexy and encouraging singles to get personal toll free numbers in an attempt to impress the opposite sex via their MySpace/FaceBook pages and business cards. The ultimate goal, create a prestigious appearance for a potential mate with a personal 800 number.

While the holiday season nears with winter, TopSavings.Net is betting on the fact that singles will want to work harder at finding a mate during the cold season. They are hopeful they can appeal to these singles and build their profit margins for the holiday season. "If sex and telecommunications can mix, this might be the one time since 900 numbers to find out", says Siegel.

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Contact Information of TopSavings.Net Contact Information of TopSavings.Net
Phone 831-454-8034
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 718 Marnell Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95065
United States of America

About TopSavings.Net

Internet and voice communications have become the standard quo for large and small business alike and continue to have grown in necessity. TopSavings.Net is an online brokerage. By working as a medium between purchaser and provider they offer consulting and cost reduction for business communications. They save more money for their customers than if they went directly to the providers or other brokers themselves. Clients pay no fees to TopSavings.Net for their consultation and rate search services.

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