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Society - Law Press Release Page 4 Society - Law

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Buddy-In-Law launches a dynamic online course to teach effective legal writing and support the plain English movement

A new innovative online course enables aspiring lawyers to develop the fundamentals of effective legal writing by working with real-life examples of legal documents. Students practice the basics of case analysis and legal reasoning as they learn to structure, develop, revise and edit their writing. The course peels the legalese onion and shows students how to write clearly and crisply. - E-Studio, LLC, October 02, 2007

LegalView Highlights New Drunk Driving Information As Authorities Institute New Sober Driving Campaign

In response to striking new information concerning drunk driving in America, would like to remind readers of its comprehensive collection of helpful legal information ay its Automobile Accident information portal. -, September 15, 2007

LegalView Expands Coverage to Address Important Legal Issue of Defective Airbags

Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and others overwhelmingly shows that airbags save lives -- but only when they work. As safety-conscious drivers know, airbags have a spotty record, sometimes deploying for no apparent reason, causing accidents and injuries. Other times, airbags may fail to deploy at the moment when they're needed the most, depriving drivers and passengers of protection they thought they could count on. In response,, your home on the Web for everything legal, is expanding its coverage of defective products and auto accidents to focus on this potentially serious safety hazard. -, September 15, 2007

Expert Opinion Editorial: When Are E-mail Strings Privileged?

Jill Griset explains detail of a recent case in which courts held that e-mails strings are not privileged unless each individual e-mail in a string is separately identified on the privilege log.
- Helms Mulliss & Wicker, August 31, 2007

Powerhouse Growth for Helms Mulliss & Wicker

Peter Covington, chairman of Helms Mulliss & Wicker, PLLC (HMW), a law firm specializing in corporate law, finance and business litigation, reports record growth in 2007.
- Helms Mulliss & Wicker, August 13, 2007

LEGAL ALERT: Homeland Security Issues Anti-Terrorism Chemical Standards

In May, the Department of Homeland Security issued its long-awaited rule on chemical security requirements. This rule imposes significant new requirements regarding the identification and management of potential security risks. - Helms Mulliss & Wicker, August 13, 2007

LegalView Continues to Bring Visitors Comprehensive Information on Auto Accidents

Research by the federal Department of Transportation continues to show that auto accidents are the leading accidental killer of Americans. As the weather gets warm and many people set off on road trips, would like to remind readers that comprehensive automotive safety information is always available at its auto accident information portal. -, August 09, 2007

LegalView Offers Free and Comprehensive Traumatic Brain Injury Information to Returning Troops

With a Marine on trial at Camp Pendleton for actions possibly attributed in part to head injuries, and the Army launching a traumatic brain injury education campaign for troops, TBI is an important and evolving issue for our democracy. LegalView would like to remind service members, their loved ones and other citizens that it offers an extensive collection of easy-to-understand scientific and legal information about brain injuries. -, August 09, 2007

Compromise agreement solicitors in London launch new site

Sharpes Solicitors compromise agreement specialists providing expert advice on UK employment law from both the employee and employer's perspective and they've launched a new easy-to-use site providing more information about their services and an overview of compromise agreement. - Wisteria Business Plan Advisors, July 06, 2007 Tracks Avandia Litigation, Other Important Avandia Information through its Avandia Information Portal is pleased to continue bringing its readers important news about Avandia in the aftermath of a recent lawsuit filed by the family of an Avandia patient. also has an extensive collection of resources related to Avandia and other important, relevant legal issues. -, July 03, 2007 Keeps Concerned Visitors Updated on Traumatic Brain Injury Developments

As America turns its attention to the Congressional testimony of the NFL's retired players on disability pay for traumatic brain injuries, LegalView continues to offer free, comprehensive information on news and science related to TBI. -, July 03, 2007 Continues to Track Brain Injury News and Resources, your resource for everything legal on the web, is staying on the cutting edge of brain injury research and news. The Traumatic Brain Injury Blog helps readers keep track of legal developments relating to brain injuries. -, June 27, 2007

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