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Press Release Category Society - Law - Release Date: February 22, 2009

Carole Bruno Announces Ebook Release of Paralegal's Litigation Handbook, 2ed

February 22, 2009
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One of the primary advantages of ebooks is the ability to search for a topic easily on your computer, or ‎viewed on Amazon Kindle ™. You can copy one of the 110 forms on your computer, and fill-in the blanks for ‎your attorney's review before printing. Checklists may be used in class or on the job, enabling the user to ‎make sure their forms and writing include every item or action they need. ‎

PR9.NET February 22, 2009 - The Paralegal Litigation's Handbook is the primer on litigation, a comprehensive book that begins with ‎a ‎guide to the courts, and then leads you through the initiation of a civil action, and responding on ‎behalf of the ‎defendant.

The Excelling in Discovery section covers the purpose of discovery, rules of ‎discovery, common paralegal discovery tasks, drafting interrogatories, raising objections to ‎interrogatories, requests for production, requests for admissions, answers to requests for admissions, ‎motions to compel, protective orders, depositions and depositions digest motions for physical and ‎mental examinations, and preparing motions. (See Table of Contents listed on ‎under the menu ‎item "Books.")

Getting Results from Pre-Trial Investigations covers the Purpose And ‎Scope Of Pretrial Investigations / The ‎Investigative Methods To Save Time And Trouble / Rules Of ‎Evidence / Finding Leads And ‎Sources / Systematic Procedures For Investigating A Negligence Action ‎‎(Personal Injury)‎/ Interviewing Witnesses / Witness Statements / Questions to Ask the Investigating ‎Officers / Public Record Searches / Automobile accidents. The book builds a strong ethics base.

The ‎ebook explains in systematic action steps the procedures involved of a civil lawsuit, including interview ‎questions you should ask, preparing motions, pre-trial ‎investigative processes, discovery, inside ‎information on conducting medical discovery, pointers for expediting legal research and expert advice ‎on legal writing; assisting in negotiations, trial preparation, post-judgment procedures and appellate ‎brief ‎preparation.‎

Pioneer Paralegal Carole Bruno has written four paralegal books, and her best-selling ‎‎Paralegal's Litigation Handbook, 2ed., originally published by West (Law) Publishing Company in ‎hardback, has been adopted by over 250 colleges, universities, junior colleges, and paralegal schools, ‎including the ‎following:‎

Andover College (ME)‎
Becker College (MA)‎
Berkeley College Business (NY) ‎‎
Concordia University (WI)‎ Fisher College (MA)‎ ‎
‎Follett Yavapia College (AZ / IL)‎
‎Indiana Technical College Kent State University ‎
‎Mississippi College ‎
‎New Mexico State University Newbury College (MA)‎
Parks Junior College (CO)‎ Briarcliff College (NY)‎
‎Phillips Colleges, Inc. (MS)‎
Southwest Texas ‎State ‎University ‎
‎Spokane Community College
University of Alaska ‎
University of Florida

In addition to ‎the these school adoptions and other college adoptions listed on ‎, ‎purchasers include individuals, libraries, law libraries, bookstores, technical ‎colleges, insurance ‎companies, legal vendors, booksellers, recruiters, corporate counsel, governmental ‎offices, individual ‎attorneys, and large firms.‎

Carole A. Bruno ‎

# # #

Contact Information of Contact Information of
Phone 707-569-7409
FAX 206-203-2123
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 1945 Long Dr.
Suite 47
Santa Rosa, CA 95405


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