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Press Release Category Society - Law - Release Date: November 02, 2007

LegalView Continues to Provide Comprehensive Brain Injury Resources as Researchers Discover Stem Cells Can Restore Memory in Brain Injury Victims

November 02, 2007
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As researchers at University of California-Irvine found relief for traumatic brain injury victims through the help of neural stem cells, LegalView continues to provide a complete array of resources to keep readers up to date.

PR9.NET November 02, 2007 - Denver, CO - Neurobiologists from the University of California-Irvine (UCI) released research recently, showing significant memory restoration in victims of traumatic brain injury (TBI) after receiving a neural stem cell treatment over the course of a few months. The researchers subjected brain-injured mice to three months of the stem cell treatment and found memory levels of the mice returning to healthy levels prior to the brain injury. Within the study, researchers believe that a protein, known as neurotrophins, is secreted during the stem cell treatment that protects and essentially rescues damaged brain cells. Scientists explained that using the protein to develop a drug will likely offer victims of TBI assistance in supplementing memory loss. To keep victims of TBI completely up to date on this and other brain injury developments, LegalView would like to remind readers of the vast array of brain injury related information and resources available through its brain injury information portal.

Brain injuries consist of a victim receiving a jolt or blow to the head in which brain activity is disrupted. Brain injury accidents occur in nearly 1.4 million Americans annually and kill almost 50,000 of those injured. Brain injury treatments vary among each individual victim but can greatly affect memory and problem solving skills, the ability to manage stress and emotions as well as increase difficulty of job capabilities and other daily functions. Because approximately 5.3 million Americans are living with or being treated for TBI, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, LegalView is proud to be able to help victims and their families stay abreast of new developments in treatment.

LegalView is sensitive to the needs of brain injury victims as well as their family and friends, which is why LegalView offers a comprehensive database of brain injury related information, including facts and statistics, video library, personal injury blog, jury verdicts of related cases, as well as an attorney referral service to aid in the location of a brain injury lawyer. Brain injury victims will also find government articles, news feeds and useful Web sites at the LegalView brain injury portal. In order to facilitate assistance for those in need of information on other legal matters, LegalView also offers a variety of other information portals dealing with issues tragically affecting Americans everyday. Other information portals on LegalView include resources for finding an auto accident lawyer, a construction accident attorney or a mesothelioma law firm. LegalView supplies each site with easy-to-use resources and information on the latest news and jury verdicts for these topics. LegalView is dedicated to shedding light on victim's needs and helping those with sustained injuries and illnesses find the help they require.

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