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Unique Book about the Problems Americans Face—Bird Flu, Terrorism, Peak Oil, and Financial Crises—Just Released

Americans are faced with a coming tsunami of diverse problems, each of immense proportions in their own right. In his latest new book, Dr. Bradford Frank describes in detail the coming crises that Americans will have to deal with.

- the frank group, January 12, 2006

West Linn Sustainable Task Force chooses Portland Portals for Metadot Portal Hosting

Portland, Oregon, USA –The West Linn Task Force on Sustainability chose Portals ( today as their Metadot Hosting Solution, to provide a highly secure web portal for supporting the sustainability initiative for the city of West Linn, Oregon. - Portland Portals, December 14, 2005

Campaigning for Canada Begins, Canadian Political Parties Seek Voice-Overs

On November 29th, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin announced the January 23rd, 2006 Federal Election date. As campaigning begins this week across Canada, the Liberals, Conservatives, New Democrats, the Bloc, and the Green Party are recruiting professional voice talents to represent their organizations and spread their political messages on television, radio commercials, and podcasts – voice professionals that they are finding at, the voice-over marketplace. -, November 30, 2005

Sniffex, Inc. Announces Successful International Agent Seminar

Sniffex, Inc. announced today the successful completion of an international seminar for prospective agents from around the world. - ECON Investor Relations, August 12, 2005

Markland Subsidiary EOIR Technologies Inc. Awarded $3.1 Million in Additional Contract Orders

Total Omnibus Contract Orders Since July 15, 2005 Totals $7.9M - ECON Investor Relations, August 12, 2005

Gateway International Appoints Sales Manager

Gateway International Holdings, Inc. announced today that Ms. Lola DiBernardo has joined the Gateway International team in the position of Sales Manager for Eran Engineering - ECON Investor Relations, August 03, 2005

Sniffex, Inc. Announces Purchase By Military

Sniffex, Inc. announced today the first purchase of Sniffex by a branch of the US Military. - ECON Investor Relations, August 03, 2005

London Train Station Shooting Supports the Need for Less Lethal ShockRounds(TM)

MDM Group, Inc. (OTC.PK: MDDM) advises that the fatal shooting at Stockwell Station in London last Friday of a Brazilian electrician mistakenly thought to be a terrorist bomber suspect represents solid support for the future use of ShockRounds(TM) in such situations.
- ECON Investor Relations, July 25, 2005

MDM White Paper Promotes MDM Technologies to Better Secure Travel Safety

London Bombings Prompt MDM Group to Re-Release Global White Paper for Secure Global Travel - ECON Investor Relations, July 19, 2005

Not in the Name of Peace – Muslims' e-demo against misguided minority

Following the bombings in London on July 7th, a potential backlash against Muslims is taking place within the UK. Not in the Name of Peace is a worldwide Muslim e-demonstration against the committers of this and other crimes against humanity. - Not in the Name of Peace, July 13, 2005

NHSK - Threat Level has been Raised for the Mass Transit Sector of the Transportation System Reports: Secretary of Homeland Security Addresses the Nation in Response to Bomb Attacks in London - ECON Investor Relations, July 07, 2005

Breakthrough in long range detection of concealed weapons and bombs

The USDigiComm Corporation is a small business specializing in microwave and millimeter wave technology applied to Homeland Security and defense applications. The company has developed a new type of weapon detection device which is capable of detecting not only guns, but bombs as well, with the added ability of long range outdoor detection. Unlike ordinary metal detectors currently in use today, this new device can distinguish between ordinary metallic objects and weapons, and has the potential to also identify the type of weapon in question. - USDigiComm Corporation, July 04, 2005

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