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Information overload is everywhere these day and if you are trying to find government information it can be a nightmare. Finally, a website has come along that provides easy access to government resources and lots of tips and articles to help you find the right information you are looking for. - Crystal Software, November 13, 2006

Providence Mayor throws Tantrum at Polling Place

Board of Elections compaing was filed against Mayor David N. Cicilline claiming among other things that the Mayor tried to use his office as Mayor and as a RI licensed Attorney to deny an elderly couple assistance in voting and abused his office by ordering police to remove someone acting lawfully at a poll. - Press Dept Now, November 12, 2006

Australian Immigration and the Changing Face of the Population

The ambitious, insightful, and highly-charged art installation entitled Face of Sydney is a collection of over 1,400 portraits of Sydney residents in face of the growing multiculturalism in Australia today. These photos were manipulated and formed into composites that reflect what the average Sydney resident looks like as layered through the collective population. - National Visas - Australian Visa Services, October 18, 2006

More Brits Chose Australia as Their Immigration Destination

The Australian immigration system is points-based. Skilled migrants whose occupation is on the MODL automatically earn bonus points and their Australian visa application is fast-tracked. - National Visas - Australian Visa Services, October 15, 2006

Australia Updates Its List of Most In-Demand Occupations to Revitalize Immigration

Nine new professions have been added to the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL), which are expected to make Australian immigration more vibrant than it already is. - National Visas - Australian Visa Services, October 12, 2006

Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson Accused of Lying, Cronyism and Unethical Behavior

Incumbent Prince George's County Executive Jack B. Johnson has been accused of lying by well-known political analyst Mark Plotkin. Other sources state this is but one action amongst a slew of unethical activities by Jack Johnson, which if found true, do not bode well for his re-election in Tuesday's September 12th Democratic primary. - CHIPGC, September 09, 2006

Free Online Visa Assessment Defies Proposed Changes on Australian Immigration

The influx of immigrants into Australian soil remains a hot topic in the country. Optimists, however, view this as a good thing, arguing that the migration of brain and skills into the Australian workforce contributes to the growth of the country. - National Visas - Australian Visa Services, September 04, 2006

Australian Immigration Stronger Than Ever

The skilled visa program of National Visas is specifically designed to target migrants who have skills or outstanding abilities that will contribute to the Australian economy. National Visas offers a wide range of services that will will definitely give you the estimated percentage of your chance with an Australian Visa. - National Visas - Australian Visa Services, September 02, 2006

Australia: Foreign Workers Increased This Year

Australia's economy is thriving with over 150,000 jobs being advertised each week and unemployment at its lowest level in 10 years. The opportunities for work in the country are mainly what attract thousands of migrants to Australia every year. And the above mentioned figures show no sign of slowing down in the near future. - National Visas - Australian Visa Services, August 31, 2006

Romanelli condemns Bob Casey's efforts to silence liberals in PA Senatorial race

As the race for Rick Santorum's seat heats up, Romanelli provides the only liberal voice. - Carl Romanelli, August 07, 2006

District 51: Janet Long: A Soldier's Mom

Janet Long from District 51: A Soldier's Mom seeks public office - TR Cutler, Inc., April 05, 2006

Providence Election Uses "Dirty Tricks" - Mayor Cicilline alleged as involved

Mayor David Cicilline and campaign workers alleged to have used Dirty Tricks to get new member on Providence City Council. Election results being contested. - Press Dept Now, February 14, 2006

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