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Press Release Category Society - Government - Arbor PR Release Date: August 31, 2009

Eight Years After 9/11: How Safe Is America Today?

By Arbor PR
August 31, 2009
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With the full-time debates on fixing health care and the nation's economic woes, national security seems to be back-burnered.

PR9.NET August 31, 2009 - New York, NY - With the full-time debates on fixing health care and the nation's economic woes, national security seems to be back-burnered. But as we near the eighth anniversary of the World Trade Center attack by Al Qaeda, the question arises: Is the American government losing focus on homeland security issues?
The Washington Post reports that 9/11 Commission leaders recently met with US intelligence and homeland security chiefs and urged the Obama administration not to lose focus on counterterrorism and domestic security threats as the nation's political attention moves elsewhere.

"As America approaches the eighth anniversary of 9/11, it's scary to hear these kinds of reports," says Steven M. Centore, author of the new book One of Them: A First Responder's Story. "The 9/11 Commission designed recommendations to protect America against future terrorist attacks, but it looks like nothing has been done to make them work."

Lee H. Hamilton, vice chair of the 9/11 Commission and a former Democratic congressman from Indiana, said there has been "insufficient urgency" in fulfilling the group's recommendations and that more progress could be made more quickly.

Active since the first truck bombing at the World Trade Center in February 1993, Al Qaeda has been responsible for nearly a score of terror acts over the part sixteen years in addition to the ultimate destruction of the Twin Towers, including spectacular attacks in London, Madrid and Bali. It has also fomented other acts of violence and piracy.

While Al Qaeda presses its guerilla warfare campaigns in Afghanistan and Pakistan's tribal areas, many experts predict a major resurgence in worldwide terrorist attacks by the organization.
"As an American citizen and 9/11 victim, I am very concerned about America's safety today," says Mr. Centore, "and believe that the US government still isn't doing enough to protect America from the future terrorist attacks. The homeland security issues must be a priority for our president, Barack Obama, and Congress."

Mr. Centore is a federal employee, a 9/11 first responder, a nuclear physicist and a Navy veteran who has appeared at congressional hearings to fight for the rights of the thousands of first responders. His book details his own personal account of his experience at Ground Zero on 9/11 and after.
To learn more about how you can help or to buy the nationally acclaimed book One of Them: A First Responder's Story, visit or The book is also available on,, and

For more information about One of Them: A First Responder's Story, contact Steven M. Centore directly at

WORLDWIDE ASSOCIATION OF DISABLED VETERANS, INC. and author Steven M. Centore chose Arbor Books, Inc. ( to design and promote One of Them: A First Responder's Story. Arbor Books is an internationally renowned, full-service book design, ghostwriting and marketing firm.

(One of Them: A First Responder's Story by Steven M. Centore; ISBN: 0-9801274-0-8; $16.95; 208 pages; 5½"x 8½"; softcover; Worldwide Association of Disabled Veterans, Inc.)

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