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Press Release Category Society - Government - Not in the Name of Peace Release Date: July 13, 2005

Not in the Name of Peace – Muslims' e-demo against misguided minority

By Not in the Name of Peace
July 13, 2005
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Following the bombings in London on July 7th, a potential backlash against Muslims is taking place within the UK. Not in the Name of Peace is a worldwide Muslim e-demonstration against the committers of this and other crimes against humanity.

PR9.NET July 13, 2005 - London, July Following the London bombings on the 7th July 2005 and the identification of the perpetrators of the crime, attention has yet again been drawn to the role of Islam in providing both an ideological and spiritual basis to "terrorist bombings". Sadly, yet perhaps naturally, a backlash against Muslims is being witnessed. A new website, Not in the Name of Peace, has been established to present a worldwide united Muslim front against both the terrorists and those that paint all adherents to the religion with the same brush.

New York, Bali, Madrid, Iraq, Morocco and now London have all experienced the slaughter of innocents by the hands of a warped, politically motivated and religiously naïve minority existent within the umbrella of Islam. As a result of these actions, Muslim and non-Muslim have lost lives and loved ones, community relations have been strained and ultimately the public perception has shifted to seeing Islam as a religion of confrontation and terror.

Exasperated with the impact of these heinous crimes, a new website seeks to demonstrate to the world and to those that sympathise with this minority of murderers that Muslims across the globe do not, shall not and will not ever support these actions.

"We need to show these maniacs that none of us think what they are doing is right, justified or Islamically based. Islam has very clear guidelines as to what is right and what is wrong. Of course we all feel aggrieved by actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine but this does not give anyone the right to kill further innocent people" explains the site's creator Muhammad Ridha Payne.

The apolitical site aims to become the focus point for one large and continuous e-demonstration against the killing of innocent people in all circumstances.
Muhammad Payne hopes that Muslims from around the world will contribute photos, comments, poems and any other means of expression to show their disgust with such actions plus show people what Islam is actually about. "The name 'Not in the Name of Peace' was agreed upon because we feel that ultimately as Muslims our role in this life and on this earth is to bring peace. This is done through submitting to the will of Allah (God) and the way of our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). We should be carrying out all actions in life in the name of Allah – the one who is peace and brings peace."

To visit the site please go to – contact to the site's organisers can only be made through email for security reasons.

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Contact Information of Not in the Name of Peace Contact Information of Not in the Name of Peace
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About Not in the Name of Peace

We are an apolitical website set up to demonstrate against the targetting of innocent civilians by a misguided element of Muslims believing they serve the religion of Islam.

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