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Press Release Category Science - Electronics - VA Media Release Date: December 31, 2008

Amazing Lifetime Memory Discs Thoroughly Tested by Experts

By VA Media
December 31, 2008
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Test Results for the Archival Century 100-year Disc were posted at An independent study was conducted by media expert and member Doug Schwantes. The full report can be viewed at or by visiting

PR9.NET December 31, 2008 - Sarasota, FL - Archival Century, the 100-Year Disc, often referred to as the "Century Disc", is truly a Lifetime Memory Disc. The first of its kind. It is specifically designed to record and store critical data, lifetime memories, and
important digital documents for 100 years or more. They are available in CD-R and DVD-R formats and exclusively through VA Media of Sarasota, Florida.

Archival Century, the 100-Year Disc is a unique optical media which uses Mitsubishi's patented Dual Reflective Layer (DRL) Technology. DRL technology was originally designed to create double capacity DVDs but now serves an even greater purpose with the new Archival Century 100-Year Discs.

The Century Disc has a clean white universal (inkjet and thermal) print surface that protects the 24-karat Gold (Au) Top Layer. The 24-karat Gold top layer encapsulates and preserves the real Silver (Ag) reflective layer. The real slver reflective layer is also protected from oxidation, fingerprint smudges, and potential scratches with the same type of protective coating used on the new Blu-ray discs.

General Manager and Owner of VA Media, Rick Allen, says "This is the disc we all thought we were getting in the first place. A disc that not only lasts for more than a hundred years, but a disc that can protect a family's legacy in a digital format that they can safely store and confidently pass on to future generations."

Each Century Disc is one of only 25,000 discs manufactured at a time. Compared to ordinary discs which are usually manufactured in runs of 500,000 to one million at a time. This process creates a near-perfect disc every time one is made. The quality is beyond comparison to any CD or DVD especially one with a scratch-resistant layer.

Features of this Amazing New Media

Universal Printable Surface

Most discs offer you one print option at a time. Non-printable, which means you must purchase separate labels or special disc markers in order to label them. Or, you can purchase Inkjet printable discs, thermal printable discs, or silk-screen printable discs for mass production runs, all of which are sold separately just to be able to label or catalog your discs properly.

The Century Disc has a unique printable surface which can be used in any disc-ready printer, inkjet, thermal, or silk-screened. You can even use a permanent marker, which is not recommended with most discs on the market today. The universal printable surface also serves to further protect the 24-karat Gold top layer.

The 24-Karat Gold Top Layer

The top layer of the disc is made from real 24-karat Gold (Au) which encapsulates and protects the real silver reflective layer on the disc. Most CD/DVD burners are designed to be compatible with discs that use silver, aluminum, or alloys for their reflective layers. The Century Disc gives users the best of both materials. Gold lasts longer and doesn't oxidize or corrode like silver or silver alloys. The gold creates a truly archival layer which encapsulates and protects the silver reflective layer from oxidation, deterioration, or corrosion.

The Real Silver Reflective Layer

The bottom, reflective layer, is made from real silver (Ag) and is protected from oxidation, corrosion, and other elements which can easily render a disc useless. It is protected on both sides of the layer. The top of the silver layer is protected by a 24-karat gold layer. The bottom, reflective side, is protected by the same material used on Blu-ray discs.

SRS Technology

The "Ultra Hard Coat" Scratch-Resistant Recording Surface (SRS Technology) material is applied during the manufacturing process. This system keeps the disc in an airtight environment while the SRS technology is applied. SRS Technology creates an ultra hard coating on the reflective side of the discs and makes it almost impervious to deep mars and scratches.

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Contact Information of VA Media Contact Information of VA Media
Phone 941.924.3734
FAX 941.921.3276
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 6029 Deacon Rd
Sarasota, FL 34238


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About VA Media

VA Media has been a Specialty Media Distributor for over 35 years providing Audio/Video media and supplies to the Professional Market. We are the Exclusive Distributor of the Amazing Scratch-Resistant Archival Century 100-Year Disc and the Green Tune for Audio Mastering CD-R.

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