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Press Release Category Science - Agriculture - Global Cooling Inc. Release Date: June 09, 2010

Proper Humidity and Pure Air Increase Profits for Refrigerated Warehouses

By Global Cooling Inc.
June 09, 2010
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Global Cooling Inc. offers large-sized humidifiers and ethylene scrubbers / air purifiers for large refrigerated warehouses. Maintaining proper humidity and clean air reduce shrink and increase shelf life, and profits.

PR9.NET June 09, 2010 - Media, PA - Global Cooling has launched a new website, focused solely on large-scale humidifiers and ethylene scrubbers / air purifiers for Refrigerated Warehouses and Cold Stores.

The site,, is short for "Controlled Atmosphere Refrigeration™".

According to Jim Still, Global's President and CVO, "I think doing a better job with humidification is one of the biggest opportunities for our industry. We have one client, who has reduced total shrink in their DC by 1.5%, that is just a huge number." He defined "shrink" as saleable weight loss, and also costs of credits, claims, rejects, and repackaging.

Global offers Ultrasonic Humidifiers, which do not need compressed air to operate, and produce mist with droplet size of 1 micron. "Our humidifiers do not wet containers or product, as compared with centrifugal units, which can have droplet sizes as large as 40 microns."

The patented humidifiers are self-contained, and only need water and power connections to operate. Unit sizes range from 5 pounds to 100 pounds (2.3 to 45.4 kg) of water per hour. Units are available in both 120 and 220 voltage, and either 50- or 60-hertz. For larger needs, multiple units are used.

Global's Ethylene Scrubbers use "Photo Catalytic Oxidation" to destroy ethylene, mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses. "A combination of high-strength ultra-violet lamps and an activated catalyst combine to scrub the air in a produce warehouse, without use of ozone," Still explained. "We are just not comfortable with ozone around personnel."

"This design is ideal for large produce warehouses, our scrubbers are about the same size as a household refrigerator, meaning a much smaller number of individual scrubbers are required to protect large cold store facilities, reducing both initial cost and maintenance expense, too."

The patented PCO Ethylene Scrubbers are available in sizes as large as 3,000 cfm (5,097 cmh), which can protect up to 600,000 cubic feet (16,990 cubic meters) of warehouse or cold store. Larger spaces can be equipped with multiple scrubbers. Units specially-designed for 40-foot refrigerated containers are also available.

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Contact Information of Global Cooling Inc. Contact Information of Global Cooling Inc.
Phone 610-248-9800
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About Global Cooling Inc.

Global Cooling specializes in post-harvest refrigeration services for fresh fruit and vegetables. We offer large industrial humidifiers and air purifiers for refrigerated warehouses and cold stores. Fruit will weigh more, with longer shelf-life. All equipment certified as both UL/CE approved. Precoolers and Ripening rooms are also offered.

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