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Press Release Category Home - Shopping - D&A Release Date: February 06, 2010

Awesome Wholesale Deals

By D&A
February 06, 2010
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Discover the Best Kept Secret in the Cell Phone Business! Now You Can Have a $100,000 a Month Business! Greetings, you are reading this page because you want to know how to get your hands on some wholesale mobile phones so you can start your own cell phone business and provide for your family. Or perhaps you are already in the business, and you know how powerful networking is and having as many contacts as possible.
Interested in becoming a dealer or franchise owner? will lead you on. We are proud to offer an expert Wireless Development Solution that allows interested investors and current business owners in cashing in on the wireless business the opportunity to development retail locations with some of the hottest prepaid wireless brands.

PR9.NET February 06, 2010 - With the overwhelming popularity of Metro PCS franchises and Boost Mobile Authorized Dealer locations opening all over the place, Sskywireless unique program allows individuals and business owners from all over the world to cash in the gold rush that is prepaid wireless business. Wireless dealer opportunities are currently making more retail millionaires than almost any other business type in today's economy. Register below for FREE to learn more on how Sskywireless can help you add the hottest prepaid products to your line of products.

What We Do

1.You buy the No Credit Check Wireless Dealer package and submit your paperwork for processing.

2. We have your paperwork processed and have you set up with your online activation portal where only you can sign in under your user-name and password.

3. You will be able to order wholesale phones and accessories for resell from our trusted sources. You can order your phones from other sources but, we have very reliable wholesale phones you can easily markup and sell for a profit when activating for customers on their new plan.

You will need a checking account and a business license to get set up as a dealer. The checking account is because when you activate phones and take payments you will keep your amount of the cash from customer and deposit the company's wholesale cost for just the plan in the bank. A business license is very easy to obtain and is only $50 dollars in most states. The business license is needed because you will be running your own wireless business under your own name.

(You can purchase the No Credit Check Dealer Package anytime but, you must have the checking account and business license before submitting paperwork)

Free consultations
Award winning service
Satisfaction guarantee
Make someone's full time paycheck for 15 hours of your time on the weekends or make as much as you want doing it full time.

Whether you are an existing business owner and just want to add to your bottom line by adding the hottest prepaid wireless brands to your arsenal, or you are new to the wireless dealer business and are looking for a real no credit check wireless business opportunity offering no credit check wireless services, an Dealership is the answer. Register now!

Check out our Dealer page and get going!

Please contact us via email at or register below to become a dealer and you would be contacted in 24 hours

# # #

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About D&A

What makes the preeminent site for buying cell phones?
Supply, superior product, and service. Our inventory includes new and used PDA`s, used Blackberry's, Razors and more. Each phone is tested to ensure it functions properly, while all purchases are backed with a 30-day guarantee. Also, every purchase is backed up with a free gift. If you’re into gadgets, you know it’s a costly hobby to maintain. But here at Sskywireless,we make your experience a satisfying one because we believe in your satisfaction.

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