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Jeweller Celebrates Exceptional Success

The key to success is making sure that the challenging goals you set out for yourself are measurable. Cheshire and Derbyshire-based Jeweller announces exceptional success in their review of 2018 to date. - Paul David Jewellery, June 26, 2018

World first in Luxury travel

Wizzbag is designed with the concept of a luxury wardrobe.
The current market leaders only differentiate themselves by offering a variety of exterior designs with no consideration for implementing modern day technology into the packing/unpacking experience.
Unpacking your luggage when getting to your hotel or home has never been easier with Wizzbags. You can also view the inside of the luggage from the apps or handset, furthermore, it has built-in lights, retracting wheels and a built-in umbrella, this is a world first for this industry.
Wizzbag luggage is a masterpiece in the luggage world. It is also the first luggage to be trackable from a dedicated app with the frustration of lost luggage being a thing of the past.
- wizzbags, March 24, 2018

Slim. Lightweight. Titanium: Klaus Botta's "NOVA Titan" one-hand watch

Klaus Botta?s latest one-hand model, the NOVA Titan, takes his pared-down one-hand watch principle one step further. The result is a minimalist watch that is in stark contrast to the trend towards ever larger and more complex timekeepers. - Botta-Design, November 11, 2015

Taking the beauty industry by storm!

Virginia entrepreneur Marcella Ellis continues to triumph with her innovative concept, The Mane Vendor, providing investors the opportunity to earn residual income whilst supporting our neighborhoods and economy. Ellis' hair vending machine concept is taking the beauty industry by storm and empowering our community to take on the billion dollar hair extension industry.
Black hair care is a nine billion dollar industry within the United States, which is set to increase year after year for the foreseeable future. Whilst the industry continues to flourish, the way in which hair is supplied remains in the dark ages. - Creative Main Street LLC, July 10, 2014

Say Good-bye to Uncomfortable Spandex! - Babalette Shapeware, Our Featured Product

With a staggering 93% of women that own spandex griddles and garments, shapewear is the one product that women hate to love. But lucky for us, this problem is now fixed: the European made, shapewear line called Babalette. - Babalette, Inc. , June 13, 2014

The Wandering Winter Craft Show is now the Pop-up Winter Craft Market

This year, the wandering winter craft show does not wander. Instead, Shop Cats is pleased to present the Shop Cats Winter Pop-up Market featuring a carefully curated collection of curiosities and eccentricities all located inside a converted shipping container. - Shop Cats, December 06, 2013

The 4th Annual Toronto Etsy Street Team Springtime Marketplace

The Toronto Etsy Street Team is holding their annual marketplace, spring craft and vintage show at the 918 Bathurst Centre on June 1. Featuring 50+ team members and their handmade wares and vintage finds. - Shop Cats, May 13, 2013

A Treasure of Luxury Dutch Spirits from Holland

The traditional Dutch Spirits are doing extremely well these days. The producers are working hard refining their products. The reputation of Dutch Spirits keeps growing abroad, the quality of Dutch Spirits is recognized and increasingly appreciated by an expending group of consumers and professionals. - Best of Dutch Spirits BV, March 19, 2013 launched - Modern Furniture Miami style is launched along with a new physical store in Miami. It has world class furniture designs for home and office use. Clients can purchase classic and contemporary furniture for their Miami homes on the website and conveniently pick up the furniture at the physical location as well. - Modern Miami Furniture Store, January 30, 2013

Free Interior Design Services for modern furniture from LAFurnitureStore

LA Furniture Store offers customers modern furniture by the best contemporary designers. Free interior design services are available to their customers. This stylish furniture is currently on sale. - LAFurnitureStore, September 24, 2012

Shop Cats Presents - The 3rd Annual Toronto Etsy Street Team "Spring" Handmade Market: Crafts & Cocktails

The "Spring" Handmade Market is the 3rd annual pop-up craft show for The Toronto Etsy Street Team and the first time the team is holding a post-show cocktail party. Come for the crafts, stay for the cocktails; Saturday July 21st at the Triangle Gallery, 38 Abell Street. - Shop Cats, July 06, 2012

Paul David Jewellery launches new website to showcase their unique and stylish pieces of jewellery

Unique jewellery services offered by Contemporary high-class jewellers. Tailor-made pieces of jewellery made on site in workshop designed to provide a personal service for all customers. - Paul David Jewellery, May 22, 2012

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