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Press Release Category Home - Organization - BagButton LLC Release Date: March 12, 2010

BagButton Announces Re-Designed Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags

By BagButton LLC
March 12, 2010
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BagButton has improved the concept of space saving bags, to include the use of plastic garbage bags. With the BagButton, compression with plastic garbage bags has created an economic twist.

PR9.NET March 12, 2010 - BagButton has improved the concept of space saving bags, to include the use of plastic garbage bags. With the BagButton, compression with plastic garbage bags has created an economic twist. BagButton is the leading brand for home construction of compression bags in the world, and features the use of an ever growing range of plastic bin bags, building on the economical vacuum storage concept.

"Storage solutions are always needed and consumers are constantly on the look out for effective ways to use home space. The economical improvements using the BagButton are very exciting as it is important to be innovative and inventive and provide new ideas and solutions in an environment where people are eager to save money and try new things," comments Larry Storey, Head of Sales at BagButton LLC. "BagButton is the world's most dominant brand in home construction of vacuum storage bags and brings innovative and high quality products backed by excellent marketing and a significant investment in promotion and brand visibility to all new retail outlets."

BagButton's products are guaranteed, strongly branded and packed in high quality, clearly branded packaging. Additionally, with every stock order, Bagbutton supplies retailers with an eye-catching DVD demonstration for Point of Sale, free of charge, which accommodates several ranges of plastic garbage bags, used in the home construction of Space Saving vacuum compression bags, including the garbage compactor vacuum storage bag segment.

Vacuum storage bags compress suitable items down to typically 25% of their original size and allow consumers to triple their storage space in the home, garage and Recreational vehicles etc. Unlike other traditional storage aids, BagButton's vacuum storage bags offers the most economical protection available from damp, dust particles and allergens, dirt and insects. Vacuum storage bags can store anything that can be compressed or needs extra protection. BagButton was specifically designed to be durable and reusable, you will only need one.

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Contact Information of BagButton LLC Contact Information of BagButton LLC
Phone 360-983-3800
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 114-12 McDougall Rd.
Mossyrock, WA. 98564

About BagButton LLC

BagButton Making Huge Strides in Space Saving Market

Washington –Nearly three and a half million savvy consumers worldwide are saving more than space with the revolutionary BagButton – they're also saving money. In 2008, the Washington-based creator of BagButton was featured prominently in some of Australia's top magazines. On the Road, Which Caravan and Camping Magazine recognized the genius behind the simple space saving product.

Popular television reporters on Australia's hit show Extra extolled the virtues of the storage wonder product that can turn an ordinary garbage bag into a secure, air-tight space-saving container simply by attaching a vacuum hose and sucking the air right out of the bag. Extra went to storage specialists at IKEA and were treated to first-hand demonstrations of how the BagButton can work with any size bag in just minutes.

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