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Press Release Category Home - Organization - OM Home Release Date: May 13, 2009

Outwit, Outorganize, Outsell!

By OM Home
May 13, 2009
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Preparing to enter the Washington, DC real estate market? It's all about attracting attention. With so many houses out there, how will YOU catch attention?

PR9.NET May 13, 2009 - Many believe (and we tend to agree) that the best place to start is to to cleanse the house or rid it of any "build up". By build up, of course, we mean stuff. Sure, you can call in a professional smudger to do a smudging ceremony, buy some sparkling crystals to help create positive energy, ring bells, bury things in the yard, even try to place your furniture in proper Feng Shui position BUT if you don't start with "thinning the herd", so to speak, the rest is just a mooooot point.

Start at the right place and foil the buyers market with the power of organizing! We'll help you sort through the stacks of stuff you've so adeptly accumulated, the boxes that were never opened from the last move, and even the cobweb covered bins in the attic. Our goal is to help you get rid of the things you simply don't need while figuring out the things you do need to make your house the "best in show".

If need be, we'll arrange for a storage unit and and to top it all off, we'll recommend and schedule appointments for you with some of the top contractors in the area.

The home reorg continues with a complete staging of your newly pristine pad using all the gems we find while we're tidying. The furniture and accessories that highlight the key features of your home and make it a buyer's dream.

As successful real estate and interior design professionals, our team understands exactly what it takes to get your home ready to go "On the Market".

By the time you hire a Smudger, buy some voodoo dolls, guilt otherwise unwilling family members to help you with a yard sale you could have hired OM Home. If you are a home owner that is ready to jump into the real estate market with both feet and need a little help look no further.

"OM Home makes molehills out of mountains! With rapidly accumulating toddler toys, a growing home office and general excess of "stuff," our family was starting to feel more than a little bit cramped. Within hours Nicole planned, rearranged, organized, contained and helped us enter calm, with endless enthusiasm and energy throughout the process. I was thrilled to discover that she also has an eye for design and with a few quick furniture moves, we instantly had more space yet our house felt cozy rather than cramped. As a fellow agent, I refer Nicole and her team's services again and again. Whether looking to fit into your current home or staging a house for sale, I can't recommend OM Home more highly!"

Laura S.

"In 2008 we decided to downsize and sell our large family home of thirty-two years. As we neared the finish line of our self-directed efforts (over 3-4 months of cleaning out and stream-lining the big old house), we called Nicole McGrath to provide a final boost of energy and help us make the tough calls that come with selling after 32 years --- keep, relocate, donate, trash, etc. What a good choice we made! Nicole is a breath of fresh air. Cheerful, tasteful, and business-like, she energized us and, abra-kadabra, she solved problems and liberated spaces. What a happy experience. She's worth the time and money, has impeccable judgment, and is quick, classy, and efficient. She worked with both of us well, and we gave our daughter a gift certificate of three hours of Nicole's time and help."

Charlie Y.

# # #

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Phone 571-215-2217
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About OM Home

OM Home is more than an organizing service; it's our passion. Started in 2008 OM Home has helped loads of local families eliminate clutter, chaos and stress from their lives.

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