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Press Release Category Home - Organization - Feng Shui that Makes Sense Release Date: October 10, 2011

New Book Challenges the Status Quo by Debunking Feng Shui Myths and Misunderstandings

By Feng Shui that Makes Sense
October 10, 2011
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Feng Shui that Makes Sense: Easy Ways to Create a Home that Feels as Good as it Looks, is a new book that changes the way people perceive the décor of their homes and gardens by providing an abundance of practical, common sense ways to create a healthier, happier home environment.

PR9.NET October 10, 2011 - Written by award-winning feng shui expert and star of Dish Network's "Feng Shui Living", Cathleen McCandless has combined twenty years of experience and extensive research in the fields of feng shui and environmental psychology to provide readers with a new, common sense perspective of feng shui. Feng Shui that Makes Sense: Easy Ways to Create a Home that Feels as Good as it Looks is the first feng shui book to denounce the superstition and nonsense associated with feng shui, alternatively providing readers with easy, practical ways to create a beautiful, comfortable home environment.

Ever wonder why some settings just feel better than others? Feng Shui that Makes Sense clearly explains the subtle positive and negative factors in interior and exterior environments that affect the way human beings experience their surroundings. Integrating this awareness into her design suggestions, McCandless takes readers step-by-step through all the rooms of their home as well as their exterior and garden areas, providing practical, easy ways to create a home that not only looks good, but more importantly feels good too.

Feng Shui that Makes Sense has earned respect from a variety of sources. Best-selling feng shui author Denise Linn says, "Cathleen takes you to the true heart and spirit of feng shui by pushing aside superstition and antiquated advice to present the deepest pearls of feng shui wisdom. Her innovative approach and remarkable insights will truly bring more harmony, vitality, and abundance into your life." Rod Pyle, Film & Television Director/Producer for the History Channel and author of "Destination Moon" describes Feng Shui that Makes Sense as "a marvelous mix of modern science, interior design, and ancient teachings."

When describing her motivation to write Feng Shui that Makes Sense, McCandless says, "I wanted to bring dignity back to feng shui by exposing the nonsense too often passed off as feng shui information. Ideas such as having a red door, or that hanging a glass crystal will "change your luck" are silly and untrue. I want people to know that at its core, feng shui is a beautiful, practical system of environmental design. It is my deepest hope that this book will help people understand that feng shui really does make sense and can actually make a positive difference in their lives."

For detailed information about Cathleen McCandless or Feng Shui that Makes Sense, click on this link: Please allow about 5-7 seconds for page to load.

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Contact Information of Feng Shui that Makes Sense Contact Information of Feng Shui that Makes Sense

About Feng Shui that Makes Sense

Cathleen McCandless is an award-winning, well-known and well-respected Feng Shui expert, teacher and author. With over 20 years experience, Cathleen’s no-nonsense approach to feng shui has been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and many of America’s leading magazines. Cathleen’s television experience includes prime-time newscasts and a starring role in the television series, “Feng Shui Living”

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