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Press Release Category Home - Family - Arbor PR Release Date: September 15, 2008

What Parents Should Know About Drug Allergies

By Arbor PR
September 15, 2008
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Every parents fears having their child react badly to a medication designed to help them through an illness. But few parents understand allergies and how they can be distinguished from acceptable side effects of the medication.

PR9.NET September 15, 2008 - SOUTHBURY, CT - Dr. Armen Ketchedjian, author of the book Will It Hurt? A Parent's Practical Guide to Children's Surgery, says that parents can help themselves and their children by following a few key steps when monitoring their children's reactions to medicine.

"If your child has an adverse reaction to a medication, write down the name of the medication, the type of reaction, the extent and duration of the reaction, the time between the exposure to medication and any treatments your child receives," says Dr. Ketchedjian.

In his book, Dr. Ketch, as he is called by patients, says that allergic reactions to medication don't usually manifest themselves on the first exposure the medicine. "Usually, allergy occurs on a subsequent dosing of the same medication," says Ketchedjian.

"In the increasingly busy medical profession, physicians are forced to spend less and less time with their patients and their families," says Dr. Ketch, "In the time crunch, pertinent information can be potentially compromised."

Don't leave it to your pediatrician to keep accurate records of the medications to which your child has shown adverse reactions. Keep a log and educate yourself about the potential side effects of each one because many parents confuse discomfort from side effects with an allergic reaction.

Will It Hurt? helps educate parents about pediatric surgery. It is an easy-to-read resource will give you, your child and your family the help and reassurance you need to make the surgical experience as stress-free as possible.

Listed in The Guide to America's Top Anesthesiologists by the Consumer Research Council of America, Dr. Ketch trained at Cornell Medical Center, with a fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and a pain management elective at Boston Children's Hospital. He has also worked to help develop new techniques in ambulatory anesthesia, taught medical students and residents, and cared for more than 10,000 patients.

Dr. Ketch is also the author of the children's book Golden Apples, a beautifully illustrated book that aims to help educate children about the dangers of drug abuse.

For more information, contact the author directly at

WARREN ENTERPRISES, LLC and author Dr. Armen G. Ketchedjian chose Arbor Books, Inc. ( to design and promote Will It Hurt? Parent's Practical Guide to Children's Surgery. Arbor Books is an internationally renowned, full-service book design, ghostwriting and marketing firm.

(Will It Hurt? Parent's Practical Guide to Children's Surgery by Dr. Ketch; ISBN: 0-9815373-0-8; $14.95; 172 pages; 5½" x 8 ½"; soft cover book with illustrations;

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