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Press Release Category Home - Family - Angry Bitch Media Release Date: December 17, 2007

The Web's Infamous Aunty Does It Again With The Release Of "The Observations Of A Demented Housewife"

By Angry Bitch Media
December 17, 2007
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Once again she writes for the masses whose voices have been hushed by the media's stereotypical views and portrayals of Housewives. If there is anyone who is fit to write such a book, it would have to be Roxanne K. Cottell, or Aunty, as so many people world-wide have come to know her as.

PR9.NET December 17, 2007 - HELENDALE, CA - Many Authors care more about what the public thinks of them as people, but not Roxanne Cottell, better known in Cyber-circles as The Web's Infamous Aunty. After having written ANGRY: Some Words About the Crap in Your Life, Aunty decided that it was time to start thinking about her message to the world. "After a lot of writing for people who I did not understand, I revisited my first book and realized that the reason so many people like to read what I write is because I say things that most people want to say but are too worried that they might hurt someone's feelings if they do. In my second book, The Observations of a Demented Housewife, I give readers a truer and more open look at the way that many housewives think, feel and live. In the media, especially on television, we are portrayed as being pampered, lazy, or stupid, and on the other side of that personality spectrum, we are seen as manipulating, sexually deviant, back-stabbing, vain, spoiled man-haters. Housewives are none of these things, and the world might be better able to accept this message coming from someone who has been on both sides of the domestic fence." The Observations of A Demented Housewife is available for purchase in both print and download at .

Roxanne K. Cottell is a student, women's advocate, writer, dancer, but most importantly, she wants the world to know that no greater, more thankless job has she than that of Housewife. "There's no sense in trying to glamorize the term 'Housewife'. It is what it is. There is no turning a housewife into a domestic goddess, a home-management CEO, etc., none of that applies. I don't think I was angrier the day that one of my relatives told me that I was a "stay at home mom". You can guess she got cussed the hell out for that one. Being a housewife is the hardest job anyone can have. The pay sucks, the hours are long, but the rewards cannot be counted in dollars and sense. "

Roxanne Cottell can be reached for comment or interview by mail through her fledgling publishing company, Angry Bitch Media at (760) 955-8285.

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Contact Information of Angry Bitch Media Contact Information of Angry Bitch Media
Phone 760-955-8285
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address P.O. Box 1178
Helendale, CA 92342

About Angry Bitch Media

Angry Bitch Media is a fledgling company which produces and promotes material which calls for the reader to think outside the tribal thinking box. We produce books, articles and essays, provide proofreading, editing and ghostwriting services, as well as manuscript critique services, all at a very reasonable price.

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