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Press Release Category Home - Family - Complete Wellbeing Publishing Pvt Ltd Release Date: October 28, 2006

Fame more important than peace of mind: Mumbai

By Complete Wellbeing Publishing Pvt Ltd
October 28, 2006
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According to a new survey on what constitutes wellbeing, most Mumbaiites said that fame or popularity is more important than peace of mind. The survey also found that for most Indians "wellbeing" was nothing more than simply good physical health. Only a few think of emotional, mental and spiritual elements as essential for wellbeing.

PR9.NET October 28, 2006 - Mumbai, India - The first-ever wellbeing survey conducted by "Complete Wellbeing," India's first-ever magazine on the subject, which debuts on November 1, and Synovate, the international market research company, has thrown up a host of surprising results.

Respondents in a sample of 409 drawn from four major cities Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad in the age group 21-45 years, spontaneously mentioned wellbeing as being synonymous with good physical health. Also, a majority of respondents rated wealth (or, money) over and above peace of mind, being with family, and having good diet, as the key driver of wellbeing.

22 per cent in Mumbai felt that popularity was more important to their wellbeing than anything else (Blame it on the city's Bollywood connection and glitz, or what you may!).

However, no respondent in Mumbai mentioned good diet and peace of mind as contributory elements to their wellbeing.

While 35 per cent of respondents in Bangalore and, 20 per cent in Mumbai said they were first and foremost motivated by money, 33 per cent of respondents in the country's commercial capital thought being comfortable meant wellbeing.

In New Delhi, being with family and having helping nature scored nil. Hyderabad emerged as the only city where respondents thought wellbeing meant happiness, possessing helping nature, having peace of mind, and respect. The education criterion for respondents, who took part in the survey, was graduation; their monthly income averaged Rs 15,000-Rs 23,000.

It's surprising that liquor took precedence over family, friends and success at the workplace as a key influencer of wellbeing in the survey results. Interestingly, self-esteem came after discipline, earning potential, fame and popularity. This clearly indicates how externally driven our society is.

The most surprising revelation of the survey was no respondent mentioned love, marriage, healthy or happy children, friendships, social relationships, good sex, satisfaction at work, success, and a feeling of fulfilment, or absence of disease, as drivers of wellbeing!

"Complete Wellbeing" is a "feel-good lifestyle" monthly, published by Complete Wellbeing Publishing Pvt Ltd., Mumbai, 100 per cent-subsidiary of a UK-based multinational. The magazine looks at why wellbeing is not just an absence of illness, or disease, but living well, living fully, thinking well, looking good, feeling great in mind, body, spirit and soul.

According to editor-publisher, Manoj Khatri: "The magazine is keyed to drive peoples' life and lifestyle interests, awareness and decision-making prowess in a manner that is unique to any other existing concept or model." Notes Rajgopal Nidamboor, executive editor: "With a host of expert writers and columnists from India and abroad Joanna Dove of Deepak Chopra's Well-Being Center, New York, Richard Firshein, Rajan and Minnu Bhonsle, Ryan Harrison, and Master Del Pe, to name a few providing original editorial content, the magazine is in a genre of its own. It has the potential to enlighten, provide, and help readers expand their horizons from a vibrant, integrated standpoint."

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Fame more important than peace of mind: Mumbai

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Complete Wellbeing Publishing Pvt Ltd., Mumbai, is 100 per cent-subsidiary of a UK-based multinational.

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