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Press Release Category Home - Cooking - Release Date: June 05, 2008

How to Avoid Hidden Chemicals in Plastics

June 05, 2008
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Suggestions for those who want to keep plastics out of their food.

PR9.NET June 05, 2008 - Tucson, AZ - Since Canada officially announced it considers BPA (Bisphenol A) a toxic substance and banned its use in baby bottles on April 18, 2008, more information about the toxicity of plastics is being more widely spread. During this announcement by Canadian Health Minister Tony Clement, the lining in baby formulas cans was also mentioned. As we all know, it is not only formula cans that contain a lining.

Most food in cans contains a lining, and testing shows that food in tin cans has higher levels of BPA than even baby bottles or plastic bottles.

To avoid ingesting BPA avoid canned foods and eat fresh products, as much as possible. Purchase products in glass containers. Store your food in glass containers and use glass baby bottles. Avoid plastic water bottles by using stainless steel water bottles that are reusable. Avoid plastic baggies and use wax paper bags or reusable sandwich/snack wraps.

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Healthy Kitchenware is an on-line cookware and storage container retailer located in Tucson, Arizona. Healthy Kitchenware only carries products made out of materials that do not leach chemicals onto food cooked or stored in them. It provides health-conscious customers with options to plastic-made products for babies, kitchen and lunch box.

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