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Press Release Category Home - Consumer Information - EDIAcademy Release Date: February 21, 2008

Roommates USA Advises Using Roommate Agreements to Prevent Problem Roommate Issues

By EDIAcademy
February 21, 2008
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Roommates USA Provides Advice on Apartment Sharing, Roommate Services Across United States.

PR9.NET February 21, 2008 - Brookline, MA – After earning a diploma many young people are inspired to throw their belongings into a car or van and start fresh somewhere far away. But setting up house in a new city is an expensive proposition, so for most people that means getting roommates. This is sensible, but it's best to be careful in order to avoid roommate problems. Roommates USA, an online housing service, offers practical advice on how to avoid having roommate problems through careful planning, and strongly advises using roommate contracts to avoid roommate conflicts.

Roommate problems often arise because of money issues, but more often the problems are based on personality clashes and the fact that different lifestyles can't always be accommodated in one apartment. The best way to plan ahead to avoid future tensions is by having all parties who plan to live in the apartment sign a roommate agreement.

Personality conflicts, lifestyle conflicts, and financial conflicts must all be addressed as possibilities before two or more people sign a lease on an apartment together. Topics that should be addressed in a roommate agreement include rental terms, landline phone bills and cable bills, and general household duties. It's smart to establish who will be responsible for things like taking out the garbage, cleaning, and to figure out a schedule for household chores that will need to be done on a regular basis. Other matters that should be addressed in a written roommate agreement include private property issues, questions relating to the security deposit, subletting, how social lives will be conducted in the apartment. A well-planned roommate agreement should address pet ownership, smoking habits, and where messages should be left. Almost no aspect of daily life is too small to be ignored in drafting a roommate agreement; by signing a good roommate agreement, the roommates are saving themselves agony and grief down the line because everyone will understand what is expected of them in terms of money, personal responsibility, and personal behavior. Roommates USA is operated by a team that has observed roommate conflicts and they know that by taking action and planning ahead, potential problems can be avoided through mutual understanding.

For more information on finding a suitable roommate in a new city, and valuable assistance with the process, visit Free easy registration, access to information, and a new life are just a few clicks away at Roommates USA.

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