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Press Release Category Home - Consumer Information - Vaporooter Australia Release Date: December 05, 2011

Summer Arrives In Sydney And Brings A Mysterious Outbreak Of Blocked Drains, Clogged Sewers And Property Damage

By Vaporooter Australia
December 05, 2011
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Across Sydney and NSW the arrival of Summer has brought problems for many property owners in the form of a spate of clogged sewers and blocked drains. The cause might surprise and the good news is that there is a permanent solution.

PR9.NET December 05, 2011 - Sydney, Australia - As summer approaches a mysterious outbreak of blocked drains and clogged sewers is causing concern throughout the suburbs of Sydney, NSW and across Australia. It has serious implications for property owners and public authorities.

This epidemic is not often talked about. Most people are completely unaware of the problem until disaster strikes and find themselves facing severe inconvenience and often costly repair bills.
It's the penetration and invasion of sewer pipes and drains by tree roots.

That's right. The roots of those lovely trees that grace many of our neighbourhoods and public places are silently causing havoc.

Blocked drains, backed up sewers and damaged foundations are just the most obvious consequences.

Fortunately, there is a proven, cost-effective solution to the problem.

David Conroy is the owner of Vaporooter Australia. In 2004 and he introduced the revolutionary Vaporooter root control system to Sydney, focusing especially on the leafy Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.
Vaporooter is a treatment system that keeps tree roots away from drains and sewer pipes, without harming the tree itself.

It was originally developed in California in 1967 to deal with a serious problem of tree roots blocking public sewer pipes.

Today, the patented Vaporooter system removes tree roots to protect the vital infrastructure of cities and towns, as well as residential homes and commercial property around the world.


- Is 100% safe, tried and tested around the world for over 40 years

- Deals with ONLY the tree roots in pipes and leaves the rest of the tree and surrounding plants healthy and intact

- CONTINUES to protect pipes and drains so property owners can sleep safe at night and not have to worry about waking up to crushed pipes and collapsed drains

David Conroy is concerned that most property owners are completely unaware of the danger that they face.

"Tree root damage is a growing problem. We're having to deal with emergency calls every day. The harsh truth is that if there are trees anywhere near your property, sooner or later the tree roots will be attacking the drains and sewers."

"Every single client we've had to rescue in an emergency wishes they had known about the potential problem and done something about it. Firstly because of the huge cost to deal with the damage and secondly because of the massive inconvenience of the mess and chaos that follows…often for days and sometimes weeks."

In one recent case, a property owner was faced with a potential bill of over $40,000 for sewer replacement.

With costs like that, it's no wonder that property owners in the know are turning to the proven Vaporooter protection system to guard against damage from tree roots.

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Contact Information of Vaporooter Australia Contact Information of Vaporooter Australia
Phone 1 800 637 600
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 69, Melody Street
NSW 2034

About Vaporooter Australia

Vaporooter Australia is the largest network of accredited Vaporooter specialists in Australia. Vaporooter is the revolutionary pipe treatment that stops tree root blockages in pipes and drains and prevents further tree root damage. Vaporooter Australia is the specialist in clearing tree root blockages and performs more Vaporooter applications than any other company in Australia.

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