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Health - Weight Loss Press Release Page 3 Health - Weight Loss

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Book Release- Transformation Caravan by: Cher Ewing

Transformation Caravan highlights seven different areas of change a person can possibly experience as they travel the Weight Loss Surgery roads. Unlike other Weight Loss Surgery books on the market; Transformation Caravan focuses on the Emotional side of Weight Loss Surgery. I invite my readers to-"Dream" like they have never dreamed before, "Hope" like they have never hoped before and "Live" like they have never lived before. - Divine Transformation, April 18, 2008

The Magic of Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills

Hoodia, with its amazing appetite suppressant qualities has suddenly become one of the most sought after plants in the world. That is because in human trials to date, the results have been very favorable. The magic of Hoodia is that it makes you feel full, even when you don't eat anything. - Buy Hoodia Diet Pills, January 15, 2008

Smart Lipo now available in Poland for British patients

Patients from the United Kingdom can now undergo a minimally invasive procedure to reduce fat deposits in Poland, where treatment is can cost up to 60% less than in the United Kingdom. - StatMedica UK Ltd, January 11, 2008

Beneomega.Com Announces Campaign To Combat Holiday Weight Gain

BeneOmega announced today a program to encourage Americans to take action to combat the serious problem of holiday weight gain in response to National Institutes of Health warning.
- perumal4, November 30, 2007

New Fitness Website offers solution to wasted money on gimmick fitness products

According to personal trainer and fitness expert Clinton Walker III, this is due to the large amount of money spent on ineffective gimmick products. On his website titled, Full Body Makeover, Walker sets out to inform individuals with the information needed to help individuals improve their bodies without wasting time and money. - makeoverfitness, September 30, 2007

Diet specialists launch : Start Losing Weight Today

Searching for the most effective weight loss pill ? Diet Specialists have reviewed the best over-the-counter diet pills for you at Bestpillsdiet. - Diet Specialists Inc., July 07, 2007

Alli Diet Pill from GlaxoSmithKline Launches With a Bang

Orlistat is the first weight loss drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration for sale in the US as an over the counter (OTC) product. GSK Consumer Healthcare will market the OTC orlistat version under the brand name alliā„¢ (pronounced AL-eye). The Alli diet product is a fat blocker the prevents the body from absorbing excess dietary fat. - Natural Alternatives, June 05, 2007

Free workshop: Introduction to the Nia Technique(R) at JoyMoves

A free workshop in The Nia Technique(R) to be held at the JoyMoves studio in Austin Texas on June 9th from 1:00pm to 3:30pm - JoyMoves, May 11, 2007

New fitness e-book from Dr Tony Woolfson.

The Guide to Staying Healthy is the ultimate manual on fitness and meditation. With this ebook, readers can start seeing their health improve as they master the skills of keeping fit in body and mind. - NewlifeHealthcare, April 09, 2007

Genuine Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills

Recent research has shown that the Hoodia Gordonii species contains a molecule P57 that is similar to glucose; Scientists believe that this molecule in Hoodia fools the body into believing that it has just eaten. Hoodia is the most effective natural appetite suppressant on the market. - Buy Hoodia Diet Pills, March 17, 2007

Master Hypnotists Learn New Weight Loss Techniques

Several of the hypnosis industries leading practitioners recently gathered to learn new techniques to assist their clients in losing weight. The event was lead by William Horton and Tom Nicoli, both considered to be the world's experts in the feild of Hypnosis and NLP for personal change. - National Federation of NLP, February 22, 2007

Sues Health Center- New Look and Diet Pills Discount Offers

This press release informs the readers about the re-launch of the Sues Health Center Web site and its latest discount offers on weight loss products.

- Sues Health Center, September 12, 2006

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