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Press Release Category Health - Weight Loss - StatMedica UK Ltd Release Date: January 11, 2008

Smart Lipo now available in Poland for British patients

By StatMedica UK Ltd
January 11, 2008
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Patients from the United Kingdom can now undergo a minimally invasive procedure to reduce fat deposits in Poland, where treatment is can cost up to 60% less than in the United Kingdom.

PR9.NET January 11, 2008 - London - StatMedica, which provides assistance to patients considering dental and medical treatment in Poland, has been appointed to represent clinics in Poland that offer Liposis, popularly known as "Smart Lipo" or "Lunchtime Lipo".

Laser Liposis is a minimally invasive version of Liposuction which can be used to break down fat deposits on the chin, hips, knees, stomach and thighs. Fat deposits are broken down by a safe, powerful laser that is inserted by a fine cannula, and are then eliminated naturally. The procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic by a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

The procedure does not involve the side effects commonly associated with liposuction, and scarring is minimal as the cannula used is very fine.

By travelling to a private clinic Poland for laser Liposis, patients can make savings of up to 60% compared to in the United Kingdom. Even once the cost of flights and accommodation have been taken into consideration, patients can still make considerable savings at the same time as being treated by Poland's leading surgeons.

Speaking from StatMedica's Warsaw office, Managing Partner Lukasz Liese said, "We are pleased to be able to offer Smart Lipo and would like to assure our patients that they are in the safest possible hands during their stay in Poland".

Head of StatMedica's operations in London, Alison Hope added, "Even though this procedure is considered to be less invasive than Liposuction, it is still performed by experienced and skilled surgeons who will undergo a full consultation with the patient before carrying out the procedure.

StatMedica assists patients in selecting a suitable clinic, and can provide local support in Poland: from translation and interpreter services to 24-hour care by a qualified healthcare professional. Patients looking to find out more about surgery in Poland are advised to consult the portal dedicated to private healthcare in Poland or to contact Alison Hope on +44 780 571 5527.

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About StatMedica UK Ltd

Statmedica is a gateway to medical tourism in Poland. For more information to go

The site provides the best guidance in the market along with practical tips and latest updates on new services and trends. The site is also very useful for local residents interested in the private health sector.

Foreigners seeking healthcare services in Poland usually opt for cosmetic and corrective surgeries, general dental or orthodontic treatment, as well as orthopedic surgeries. Numerable services are also available in cardiology, ophthalmology, neurology and many other medical fields. Polish doctors are highly qualified and enjoy an excellent reputation and Polish private clinics meet the highest standards while providing their services at a much lower cost.

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