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Press Release Category Health - Weight Loss - SlenderYou Release Date: November 16, 2011

Weight Loss and Diet: How Effortless Weight Loss Was Discovered

By SlenderYou
November 16, 2011
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This is the story of how J. Duncan McNeill discovered the answer to truly effortless weight loss. He has found a nutrition secret so powerful that people can eat lots of delicious food while their weight falls off. Little or no will power is required to lose weight because there is no dieting.

PR9.NET November 16, 2011 - Duncan has made a nutrition breakthrough discovery that makes weight loss very easy and effortless. He has found out how to lose pounds without much will power because there is no restrictive dieting.

Duncan lived with an overweight problem for over thirty years and tried many things to try to find the secret of how to lose pounds, none of which worked. So he started researching weight loss and nutrition. After ten years of study, he had enough knowledge to put together a 'good nutrition' based program and tried it out on himself.

He couldn't believe how well it worked, and especially how easy it was. "It seemed to take no will power on my part at all, I just couldn't believe how effortless it was" said Duncan. He continued, "I was never hungry, never felt deprived, I hardly took any exercise, I didn't pump weights, I had a drink of scotch and wine every night, and occasionally I had something naughty like an ice cream sundae, and the weight still kept falling off. It was amazing"

Duncan lost 35 pounds in seven weeks. His secret? Perfect nutrition and nothing else. He realized that what most people think is good healthy food is in fact compromised because most food today is full of additives. "It is the additives in food that cause obesity. You have to stop ingesting these additives in order to get effortless weight loss. If you don't, then weight loss reverts to being difficult and very hard work" said Duncan.

Users can be very sure of the best of nutrition advice. Dr Janet Starr Hull, PhD CN (nutrition) who is recognized as one of the foremost nutrition experts in the world kindly looked over Duncan's book and had this to say: (quote)

"It look (sic) good - I hope that you do well with this book.
It has good advice, and if followed with a positive attitude, it will serve as a great guide for people wanting to turn their health around the correct way!
Best, Janet Hull"

This weight loss plan is NOT a diet in the conventional restrictive sense. Known as "The Good Nutrition Weight Loss Plan", it is very simple and easy to understand, which makes it easy to remember what to do.
Those with a weight problem they would like resolved the easy way with little will power or effort, go now to where they will find more information.

Interviewed by: Roland (Roly) Ethell, P.O. Box 39, Labrador (Gold Coast), Queensland, Australia. Email: Mobile (61) 419 866 532 (day light hours only please, Australian Eastern time).

Book author and developer of "The Good Nutrition Weight Loss Plan": J. Duncan McNeill, PO Box 1255, Darwin, N T 0801, Australia. Email: Website address: Phone (61) (8) 8941 8080 or mobile (61) 437 383 070 (daylight hours only please, Australian Central time).

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Contact Information of SlenderYou Contact Information of SlenderYou
Phone 618 8941 8080
FAX 618 8941 8119
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 34 George Crescent,
Fannie Bay NT 0820,

About SlenderYou

SlenderYou has discovered a unique weight loss eating plan that does not include dieting in the restrictive sense. When this eating plan is followed, weight loss is almost effortless because the user can eat as much delicious food as they want. The user does need to avoid certain foods and follow the plan, but because there are no restrictions very little will power or effort is needed.

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