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Health - Weight Loss Press Release Page 1 Health - Weight Loss

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Enroll in Shekinah Health & Wellness Center Medically Managed Weight Loss Program Today!

Shekinah Health and Wellness Center is partnering with Aguilar Aesthetics, Wellness & MedSpa to offer a Medically Managed Weight Loss Program in North and South Florida. If you are interested, you can enroll at - Shekinah Branding & Communications, LLC, June 17, 2020

Legally Blind Personal Trainer to Solve Huge Problem in the Fitness Industry

Brent Kasmer, a legally blind and certified, personal trainer is helping to develop a comprehensive, personalized fitness app that fixes the two major problems leading the fitness industry today. - Everlasting Changes, June 28, 2016

Leave The Gym & Lose Weight With Your Phone

Weight Loss Nation is the new kid on the block for helping people lose weight and acquire a healthy lifestyle on your smart phone. - Weight Loss Nation, April 09, 2016

Tapping for Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Expert Brittany Watkins Declares WAR on The Biggest Loser

Brittany Watkins, America?s top emotional eating expert, has had enough of seeing women (and men!) suffer through their weight loss efforts through intimidation, punishment and deprivation - the same techniques used on The Biggest Loser. In her newly released Weight Loss Blocker Quiz, she?s finally found a way for emotional eaters to eliminate food cravings and emotional eating for good. - Brittany Watkins, April 08, 2016

The Book by Manfred Popp: Lose Weight and thereby reduce Blood Pressure

The author explains, on the basis of his own experiences, as it is possible, in the long run, to reduce the weight significantly and thereby lower blood pressure and improve health. - ManfredPopp, October 11, 2015

MoveMeFit: New Online Fitness Platform Delivers High Quality and Social Workouts

MoveMeFit launches providing access to hundreds of the best workout videos. Features recommended workout videos by top fitness instructors and working out with friends, virtually. - MoveMeFit, July 10, 2013

5K 10K Half Marathon Training Schedule for Beginners w/ BPI Christian Workout System

Bold Physical Identity (BPI) will teach you how to run your first 5K, 10K and Half Marathon. BPI is a new program comprised of written chapters and accompanying videos to take readers step-by-step through a spiritual, mental and physical training process. - Victory Steps Christian Weight Loss Coaching, November 17, 2011

Weight Loss and Diet: How Effortless Weight Loss Was Discovered

This is the story of how J. Duncan McNeill discovered the answer to truly effortless weight loss. He has found a nutrition secret so powerful that people can eat lots of delicious food while their weight falls off. Little or no will power is required to lose weight because there is no dieting. - SlenderYou, November 16, 2011

Organic Weight Loss PuErh Tea Online Store Launch

Brian Soh think that in the future many people will drink PuErh Tea as a Weight loss tea and healthy tea, so he establish selling good quality PuErh Tea. Many type of PuErh Tea selling at the store, include tea cake, tea brick, tea mini, tuo tea and tea special. - Brian Trading Organic Weight loss PuErh Tea, October 25, 2011 Launched to Offer an Easier Way to Get in Shape

New website launched to target fat, cellulite and the middle aged spread without the need for the gym. - Sixth Degree, February 16, 2011

Thailand Fitness Boot Camp Goes From Strength To Strength.

Biggest Weight Loss Loser is Gill Woodley Who Lost A Massive 6kg At The Fitness Boot Camp Thailand.The Fitness Boot Camp Continues To Deliver Great Quality Fitness Holidays With Amazing Weight Loss Results At The Spa Resort Chiang Mai Thailand. - The Bootcamp Thailand, September 08, 2010

Revolutionary New Boot Camp In Chiang Mai Thailand

The Bootcamp is a weight loss, detox and fitness camp located on a new luxury health spa in Chiang Mai northern Thailand. We offer an all inclusive package which includes 7 nights accommodation, healthy cuisine, super food shots, fitness assessment, full day fitness schedule, massages, Far sauna which burns fat, raw food preparation demo, aqua foot detox, nutritional talk, a how to meditate workshop and round trip transfer from Chiang Mai international airport. You will have opportunities to leave the spa with us and experience the beauty of your local surroundings visiting temples, elephant camp,waterfalls, and cycling through typical Thai villages and rice paddy fields.Next Boot Camps 16th of April to the 23rd of April 2010. - The Bootcamp Thailand, March 25, 2010

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