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Press Release Category Health - Resources - DRE Veterinary Equipment Release Date: March 19, 2008

DRE Unveils Large Animal Anesthesia Machine

By DRE Veterinary Equipment
March 19, 2008
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The DRE Titan-specifically manufactured for anesthetizing equine, bovine and other large animals-rounds out the company's anesthesia product line.

PR9.NET March 19, 2008 - Louisville, KY - DRE Veterinary, a premier veterinary surgical equipment supplier, has expanded its product line of vet anesthesia machines to include the DRE Titan, a large animal anesthesia system. Engineered for maximum versatility and unmatched accuracy, the Titan is perfect for anesthetizing equine, bovine and zoological animals.

Veterinary surgeons can utilize the DRE Titan Large Animal Anesthesia Machine for simple anesthesia functions like controlling spontaneous breathing, as well as more rigorous functions like controlling animal ventilation. It is equipped with a reconfigured Dräger AVE ventilator that provides maximum performance.

The Titan features the largest possible air passageways, which provide maximum airflow and minimal patient resistance. It also has a two-vaporizer mounting system with exclusion safety that lets the clinician administer multiple drug choices without dismantling and reassembling vaporizers.

The rugged, sturdy Titan has flared castors and a low center of gravity, both of which maximize the machine's stability. The Titan's topple-proof design is attractive to equine, bovine and zoological veterinarians who must quickly move surgical equipment away from animals that can become agitated prior to anesthetization.

The Titan is available with an optional foal absorber that considerably reduces trapped volume for smaller animals that weigh between 25 and 600 pounds.

"The foal absorber is a popular addition because it enables the Titan to anesthetize equine, bovine and zoological animals throughout their entire lifespan," says Jim Evans, Director of DRE Veterinary.

The Titan's optional foal absorber and its standard large animal absorber mount on articulating arm brackets. Both absorbers can be raised, lowered, retracted or extended for optimal performance.

The Titan rounds out DRE Veterinary's extensive anesthesia line. In addition to the Titan, DRE Veterinary sells the DRE Premier Anesthesia Machine for anesthetizing small and medium-sized animals, the Compact 150 Rodent Anesthesia Machine for anesthetizing rodents, the top-of-the line DRE Integra SP II Anesthesia Machine for research facilities and universities, and the DRE Field Services Anesthesia Machine for portable use.

"With the addition of the Titan, DRE Veterinary can meet the anesthesia needs of nearly all veterinary and animal-focused research facilities," says Jim Evans.

DRE Veterinary currently supplies the Titan to veterinary surgeons and educational facilities throughout the United States. And because the Titan is configured with a universal AC power supply, it can be used worldwide.

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About DRE Veterinary Equipment

DRE Veterinary is a premier supplier of veterinary and laboratory research equipment. DRE Veterinary provides new and refurbished veterinary medical equipment to universities, surgery centers, research facilities and veterinary practices around the globe. DRE Veterinary’s parent company, DRE Inc., was established in 1984 and offers value to doctors by providing the features and reliability they need while fitting within their budget.

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