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Press Release Category Health - Resources - Habit Braker Enterprises Inc Release Date: September 15, 2007

Cell Phones, iPODs, MP3 Players Come Forefront to A Real Healthy Solution

By Habit Braker Enterprises Inc
September 15, 2007
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Now everyone can achieve success at their healthy goals without ever swallowing! Using 21st century popular technology and old school real help a revolutionary new system is helping everyone achieve their healthy goals.

PR9.NET September 15, 2007 - Menifee CA - Habit Braker Enterprises Inc, a California privately held corporation, has brought health out of the box and into the 21st century by using cell phones, iPODs, iPHONEs, MP3 and even CD players to increase the odds of healthy commitment success rates exponentially. Using short healthy issue directed messages that can be used anywhere and everywhere, instantly and privately, everyone can now get the help they need to stay committed so they can achieve their healthy goals.

The American Cancer Society, American Lung Association and the U.K. Center for Clinical Excellence agree that even using all methods available, 95% of all smokers who try to quit smoking fail within the first year. Also currently, 75% of all Americans are considered medically overweight. Those are statistics that are more than alarming, and clearly require a completely new approach to the issues which is exactly what the Habit Braker system brings to everyone. Through this innovative system success rates are skyrocketing with self reporting users returning results that continuously and over the past year, remain at a 99-100% success rate.

This innovative US patent pending system (11770472) system, makes sticking to what used to be an almost impossible task to quit smoking, to lose weight on any diet plan, or to keep up a regular exercise commitment, not only easier but more effective. With simple short issue directed messages, anytime a negative thought arises that threatens a healthy commitment, before it has a chance to develop and work, the Habit Braker system messages can be accessed anywhere and everywhere, quickly, privately and instantly, to beat that threat back and allow people to stay committed and succeed.

The marriage of old school real help and 21st century popular portable audio technology designed for the fast pace world we all now live in, is the next revolution in health care solutions for everyone. The system of instantly delivered real help is so effective that Habit Braker Enterprises plans to develop systems for all healthy commitment challenges over time including alcohol, gambling, spending, meth amphetamine, and every other addictive behavior that can use 24 hour instant help to stay with the commitment to get healthy.

Hundreds of people from all every state in the USA, Canada, Australia and the U.K. have already achieved healthy success with this system. Habit Braker Enterprises is out to make sure everyone has the chance to succeed at their healthy goals by getting the help they need every time they need it, wherever they are and wherever they go and we are working night and day to make sure it does! Who would have thought that the next greatest health solution wouldn't make you swallow?

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Contact Information of Habit Braker Enterprises Inc Contact Information of Habit Braker Enterprises Inc
Phone 951-378-7643
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About Habit Braker Enterprises Inc

Habit Braker Enterprises Inc is a California private corporation that develops and sells a system of round the clock instant, private, real help that can be accessed quickly, anywhere and everywhere to stay committed to healthy commitments through cell phones, iPODs, iPHONEs, MP3 or CD players. The company sells its products throughout the US, Canada, Australia and the UK through the world wide web at and is in the process of branching out sales into the retail marketplace.

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