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Health - Nutrition Press Release Page 6 Health - Nutrition

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Childhood Obesity Revealed

Teaching children to make nutritionally sound eating decisions is the first step in fitting the epidemic of childhood obesity. - Kids Culinary Adventures, September 11, 2006

Cerise Drops Handling Fees, Customers Save On Every Order

Cerise Nutraceuticals drops its handling charge for online orders to add value for consumers and improve customer service. - Due North Marketing Communications, Inc., September 08, 2006

The Real Problem Behind Childhood Obesity

With childhood obesity rates climbing annually it is with the utmost urgency that we take action. Educating children to help them learn health eating habits has never been more important, or now more fun! - Kids Culinary Adventures, August 24, 2006

DMD Produces First Energy Drink in a Capsule

Retailers are now cashing in on energy drink products in a new way. High profits are available when selling an "Energy Drink in a Capsule". Customers purchase "the energy drink formula capsules" at the same time as their favorite non-energy beverage, resulting in two sales rather than just one. - The Hayes Group, August 01, 2006

Fortitech South America Reinforces Sales Group to Support Fast-Growing Nutrition Demands

The latest market statistics show that global sales in the nutrition industry have risen to more than $182 billion dollars. While the majority of nutrition sales belong to Europe, North America and Japan, Latin America owns a respectable part of the nutrition market, representing a growing number that totals more than half a billion dollars annually.
- fortitech, July 26, 2006

Pizza and Pajamas Easter Baked Ham Recipe with Cinnamon Helps Type II Diabetes

Pizza and Pajamas Easter baked ham recipe is covered with a delicious tropical fruit glaze that includes cinnamon and turmeric, two spices believed to help control Type II Diabetes. The addition of sweet potatoes topped with molasses adds a bonus blessing to Easter dinner with potassium. - 7th Stream Marketing, April 11, 2006

Exercise Caution When Choosing Supplements

The selection of health supplements and vitamins is overwhelming to say the least. With the wide variety and hundreds of different brands and labels, it is difficult to tell which supplements do what, which are the safe ones, and which ones you should avoid. - Fitness Trainers To Go Inc., February 21, 2006

Mystery Green Tea that gets naturally sweeter the longer it is brewed

TopShelf Teas offers new mysterious Sweet Green Tea product. They specialize in loose leaf teas uniquely packaged – ideal for gift giving. However, they have teas for all occasions. - TopShelf Teas, February 02, 2006

Bottled Water Helps People Who Suffer From Hangover, and Is a Great Accompaniment to Fine Dining

Green Room's New AquaBar Navigates Savvy Consumers To Premium Waters and Natural Beverages That Combat Hangover and Other Ailments. AquaBar's Mission is to Make Bottled Water and Natural Drinks Your Friend. - Green room, December 09, 2005

Have you Heard about Xango Mangosteen?

Read the amazing story of how the exciting Mangosteen product was discovered, and how XanGo was the first to bring it to market - Xango, September 14, 2005

Lundy Brothers Restaurant Looking to Regain Former Glory

The Brooklyn Landmark Restaurant Lundy Brothers Restaurant has made steps to regain it's former glory, the once "Largest Restaurant" in the United States has slded over the years but with new owners in place they are looking at bringing back that glory to Brooklyn residents - New Age Media Concepts, December 11, 2004

Author Let's Public Assist In Naming His Anti-Aging Book

Dr. Frank's book is targeted at the Baby Boomer generation (those born between 1946 and 1964). It is approximately 425 pages long, highly referenced and will be released in November. - Eastwest Network, August 16, 2004

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