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Health - Nutrition Press Release Page 5 Health - Nutrition

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7-Day Diva Detox Program Has Women Singing the Praises of the Raw Foods

How Two Women, Passionate for Produce and the Immortal Words of Ghandi Are Changing Lives - The Raw Divas, August 31, 2007

Product Expansion on the Horizon for Panera Bread

Panera Bread announces new additions to their fall menu lineup. The menu items will be available beginning August 30. - Panera Bread, August 28, 2007

Purple Onions Launches its First eBook: Fitness Designed for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy Health & Fitness Guide eBook Released - UpTone PR, July 21, 2007

Best Selling Author and National Fitness Expert Ori Hofmekler Speaks at July 28 Workshop

Best selling author Ori Hofmekler will be the featured speaker during a two-part workshop on Saturday, July 28 titled Balance your Body and Optimize Your Energy. Hofmekler breaks new ground in guiding individuals on how to protect themselves against the harmful effects of estrogenic substances in the environment, products, food and water.

- Physique Transformation, July 13, 2007

Investment News – Medical and Health Products Growth Stock NNTN Gains Control Of Interactive Nutrition, A Profitable Sports Nutrition Products Company

Natural Nutrition, Inc. (stock symbol: NNTN), a medical and health products growth stock investment, has settled litigation giving them ownership and operational control of Interactive Nutrition, Inc. an established, profitable sports nutrition and health food products manufacturing and sales company. - Emerge News, June 17, 2007

Dr. Robert Pastore Re-launches Nutritional Supplements Line With New Website

Pastore Formulations announces new site to showcase its expanding line of high end supplements. - Pastore Formulations, March 27, 2007

Enhance breast naturally introduces natural breast enhancement program

Enhance breast naturally introduces a unique program for breast enhancement which includes breast exercises along with breast enhancement pills to enhance your breast naturally without any side-effects. - Enhance Breast Naturally, February 09, 2007

Internet Direct Response, Inc. to Promote Oceanic Naturals Full Line of Ocean Derived Supplements Online

"We are extremely happy to have IDR rebranding our product and corporate websites while handling the online marketing campaigns of those products." said Christopher Homer, President, Oceanic Naturals. "The creative talent as well as the analytical tools that IDR utilizes will be a strong factor in the success of Tidal Greens and Deep Blue Omega." - Internet Direct Response, Inc., January 05, 2007

Complementary And Alternative Medicine Gaining More Popularity

Alternative health care advocate Brenda Skidmore says 'orthodox' treatment woes lead millions every year to use alternative methods. Attraction seems to come more from the focus of wellness than illness.
- My Water 4 Life, December 03, 2006

EbookoMatic Releases New Ebook: The Miami-Diet by Dr. Miguel Suarez

This e-book "comments" on five diet books: Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution; The South Beach Diet; Eat More, Weigh Less; Sugar Busters!; and Protein Power. It also features Living the Low Carb Life and Dine Out and Weigh Less. It is an encyclopedia of "diet knowledge"—all you need to know condensed in one easy to read e-book. More important, it highlights your author's experiences while actually doing "The Miami-Diet" (created by your author.) On this diet, he lost "29" pounds of fat in just 16 months and gained better health. (His medical test results, explained in this e-book, prove it convincingly.) - Schneiderman & Associates, LLC, December 02, 2006

Antiquated Healing Methods Are Timeless Cures Compared To Modern Healing Failures

Prescription drugs merely mask symptoms and are not designed to cure. Outdated simpler methods attack the underlying causes of sickness and disease.
- My Water 4 Life, November 15, 2006

Greatest Health Improvement Solutions-Involves Relearning The Basic Fundamentals

A health website launched by Brenda Skidmore is devoted to a variety of common health complaints with no known causes or cures. Alternative treatment strategies are offered in assisting open-minded and determined health conscious individuals. Skidmore believes she has practical answers to expensive mainstream medical care. - My Water 4 Life, November 05, 2006

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