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Press Release Category Health - Nutrition - Harvest & Filter Release Date: May 24, 2021

Harvest & Filter Gives Urban Dwellers The Chance To Grow Their Own Food Bank

By Harvest & Filter
May 24, 2021
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Organic Food Advocate Launches Urban ‘Grow Your Own’ Service

PR9.NET May 24, 2021 - As an online business, Harvest & Filter offer a seed service tailored towards people with limited space or without gardens. Encouraging home growers to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs in small spaces such as balconies, indoor planters and window ledges, the wild and heirloom seeds available at launch include juicy wild strawberries; amaranth, an ancestral crop grown and harvested by ancient Mayan and Aztec civilisations; elderberries with naturally high levels of antioxidants and dark blue-green Nero di Toscano kale. A full list of untreated wild and heritage seeds can be found by joining the Harvest & Filter free subscription website.

Audrey Louis from Harvest & Filter is excited about the potential of this new venture.

She said: “Essentially, what Harvest & Filter are doing is giving people in cities and suburban areas seeds and resources to grow their own healthy food. At the very least, people can start growing with a planter or window box and a vision of the delicious and nutritious meals they’ll create that will incorporate the food they harvest.”

“We’re passionate about sharing information on the health benefits of certain foods. We pride ourselves in supplying untreated, naturally occurring seeds together with helpful tips and instructions, ensuring people have an opportunity to grow, in abundance, their own fresh and highly nutritious food.”

Harvest & Filter also support the use of organic and veganic practices towards growing food. Edible plants that grow from their seeds are highly likely to be significantly more nutritious and safer to eat than conventional produce grown with the help of questionable chemicals and methods.

“The ability to deliver such seeds is our way of strengthening the use of ancient, traditional and holistic methods towards better health,” Audrey added.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the price of processed foods is falling in the UK. Meanwhile, the price of fresh fruits and vegetables continues to rise. The team at Harvest & Filter knows they have the power to help redress this unhealthy imbalance with the launch of their wild and heirloom seed store.

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About Harvest & Filter

Giving thanks to the ancestors, the much respected Dr Sebi, Llaila O. Afrika, other various holistic professionals and Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm whose work helped inspire and usher the creation of Harvest & Filter, by London based AFV Group.
Harvest & Filter’s online portal is a members website specialising in introducing more affordable non-GMO, organic plant-focused foods for achieving and maintaining better health. Membership gives access to a range of organic produce and high-quality products, available for purchase online. The portal is a particularly helpful resource for melanated people with an ethos of choosing natural and organic nutrient-dense plant-focused food, grown without harmful chemicals and genetic modifications.

About Harvest & Filter

Harvest & Filter is an organic health food supplier based in London. The company specialises in supplying non-GMO, organic foods and seeds for homegrowers — predominantly for urban environments.

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