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Press Release Category Health - Mental - Master Mind advance Hypnosis Release Date: May 26, 2008

Hypnosis Leads One Finance Man To "pay It Forward"

By Master Mind advance Hypnosis
May 26, 2008
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Financial advisor uses hypnosis to help himself and his customers.

PR9.NET May 26, 2008 - Buffalo, NY - The term "pay it forward," popularized in 2000 by the novel of the same name, examines what happens when a teacher challenges her students to come up with an idea that would change the world. The protagonist, Trevor, 12, decides to commit three random acts of kindness. When the recipients of his acts ask how they can repay the gestures, he suggests that they "pay it forward" by completing three acts of their own. The theory is that the ripple effect of kindness and joy will spread throughout the community. John Glennon III has decided to "pay it forward" in the most unlikely of places; the financial world. He was inspired to do so after visiting Master Behnam Saghafi at Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis.

Headlines were constantly emblazoned with news of an impending recession and mortgage crisis when John Glennon III, branch manager of Franklin Bank, decided that he needed help dealing with the stress of helping prospective homeowners find funding. He needed to find a way to help himself deal with the tenuous economy and a slumping housing market.

He found the answer when he walked into Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis, the office of Master Behnam Saghafi, in Tonawanda, New York. Using hypnotic methods, he learned how to diffuse his own stress. The compassion and joy he expresses in his professional life is the direct result of hypnosis.

It could have stopped there, but he believed that he needed to share his amazing results. He decided to use his new outlook on life to aid his customers. His life had been so enriched by the kindness of Saghafi that he wanted to find a way to "pay it forward" by helping his clients through the potentially stressful situation of purchasing a home.

During his sessions, he was taught to deal with the things that he could change and to not be bogged down by the things he couldn't. If a customer was likely to balk at a large down payment, Glennon would research their alternatives and point them in a different direction, absorbing some of their stress. With the economy unlikely to change for the better, he realized that it was his mindset that would have to change. Saghafi was instrumental in changing the way that Glennon viewed his job and the needs of his customers.

Master Saghafi is an instructor at The State University of New York at buffalo, is a certified hypnotist and a grandmaster in Tae Kwon Do. The success of his clients is his way of "paying it forward." He inspires his clients to make positive changes and in turn they inspire those around them. For more information on how hypnosis can be used to help you or someone you know, contact Master Mind Advanced Hypnosis at (716) 836-7777 or visit them on the web at

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Hypnosis Leads One Finance Man To "pay It Forward"

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