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Health - Medicine Press Release Page 14 Health - Medicine

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Surveys show it's time to take charge of asthma - asthma relief is attainable!

Recent surveys have shown that asthma is causing unnecessary suffering. The correct information needs to be communicated to sufferers if deaths and emergency room visits are to be avoided. A new resource containing top tips for asthma relief and asthma treatment has been compiled containing the best practical advice. - Health Tech, June 01, 2005

Mi-Co to Announce New Mobile Data Capture Solutions at HIMSS

Mi-Co announces solutions focused on different segments of the healthcare market. - Mi-Co, February 11, 2005

Med Services Europe Reveals How a Pharmaceutical Company Can Sell a Drug Before it is Approved

Medical marketing and business development expert describes how pharmaceutical companies can generate important revenues while drug development is still in progress - Med Services Europe B.V., February 09, 2005

Generating Pharmaceutical Sales before Marketing Authorization

When a patient has a serious illness and there is no approved drug available, the physician may want to try one which has not been authorized for marketing. This presents drug-makers with an opportunity to generate revenues while development is still in-progress - Med Services Europe B.V., February 07, 2005

Announcing the Spazz-G, by Colours Wheelchairs: No Compromise Necessary

Colours 'N Motion announces a 'breakthrough' wheelchair: The Spazz G. Designed to be lightweight, stylish and affordable, the Spazz G is the next innovation by Colours - Med Services Europe B.V., February 01, 2005

The Scientific Advisory Board of Theravite Holds Its First Meeting

The first Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) meeting of TheraVitae Ltd., innovators of a revolutionary cell therapy for severe heart disease, was held last weekend in Eilat, Israel. The Board’s medical and scientific glance toward the future is one of the most important elements in TheraVitae’s strategy to remain at the forefront of cell therapy. - TheraVitae Co., Ltd., January 17, 2005

Royal College of Alternative Medicine Seeks One Million Interdisciplinary Fellows

Royal College of Alternative Medicine (RCAM) currently has International Vacancies for 1000000 (One Million) 'Foundation Fellows' ('Movers and Shakers') ; who will independently (and consistently) play a highly pivotal role in diligently mentoring (and regulating) it's future Global Membership. - Royal College of Alternative Medicine, December 16, 2004

visiongain predicts by 2009 Orphan drugs will grow to be worth almost $65 billion

According to the latest visiongain report "Orphan Drugs: Future Directions for a High Growth Market 2004-2009", in 1983 there were just 10 orphan drugs available to treat rare diseases. However in the space of 20 years there are now 210 different drugs resulting in a market that is worth more than $27 billion today. The high cost of orphan drugs and lack of competition in the market means that the industry is extremely profitable for many drugs. - visiongain, December 03, 2004

Anti-Migraine Therapies 2005 B2B Conferences

Attend the visiongain's b2b conference, ANTI-MIGRAINE THERAPIES 2005: IMPROVING DISEASE UNDERSTANDING, DRUG DELIVERY AND FUTURE TARGETS. This conference's objective is to provide a unique forum to discuss the new developments in significant areas of the anti-migraine therapies market. This includes new research data to innovations in drug delivery to future targets for drugs. - visiongain, December 03, 2004

Blockbuster drugs expected to rise by 93% to $262 billion by 2009 predicts visiongain

According to the latest visiongain report "Blockbuster Drugs: A Current Assessment and Outlook for Creating Future Blockbusters", A blockbuster drug is defined as a medicine that generates more than $1 billion (U.S.) in sales in a year.
- visiongain, November 15, 2004

Latest Report from visiongain: The Cardiovascular Report - 3rd Annual Edition

According to the latest visiongain report " The Cardiovascular Report - 3rd Annual Edition", Cardiovascular is the leading therapeutic category in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide and with new drugs in the pipeline, competition in the cardiovascular market has never been greater. - visiongain, November 01, 2004

"$19.6 billion spent on drug discovery and set to increase by 6%" reports visiongain

With increasing lead times and cost of drug development, companies need to find new drugs, quicker and cheaper than before. At least 50 of the 433 are "me-too" drugs, and all are based on eight chemical scaffolds. This presents how hard it is to find or make a new molecule that has an important therapeutic effect. What has become obvious is that it takes longer, costs more and is much harder to discover new drugs than it used to be. - visiongain, October 27, 2004

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