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Press Release Category Health - Medicine - SolaRx Health Release Date: July 09, 2008

Diabetes Drugs Outperformed By Nutritional Supplement

By SolaRx Health
July 09, 2008
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New clinical trial shows that a nutritional suppment works far better than the eight leading diabetes drugs.

PR9.NET July 09, 2008 - STUART, FL – A nutritional supplement has proved to be much more effective than the eight top-selling diabetes drugs, according to a new clinical trial.

The supplement—GlucosRx™—produced "quite dramatic" results says researchers, safely reducing blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure and triglycerides.

It's great news for the 24 million Americans battling diabetes and the 57 million more whose abnormal blood sugar levels qualify as pre-diabetes.

The researchers at a private facility in Colorado recruited 100 participants for their randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study. The subjects all suffered chronic uncontrolled blood glucose. It was a mixed group of men and women, aged between 23 and 50, and ethnically diverse. Half were given the GlucosRx™ product and half were given dummy capsules. None of the participants were on any medication.

Results of the A1C test, which evaluates the average amount of glucose in the blood over the last two to three months, showed that the GlucosRx™ users' A1C levels dropped from an average of 7.70% to 4.66%. The control group A1C levels increased .26%. In contrast, leading pharmaceutical drugs for diabetes exhibit less than a 1% decrease and none of the drugs reduce A1C below 7%.

Results of the Fasting Blood Glucose test revealed that the FBG of patients on GlucosRx™ dropped an average of 107.2 mg/dl. In the control group it increased 8.3 mg/dl. In comparison, the most that FBG drops in the top-selling diabetes drugs is 36.6 mg/dl. One researcher who reviewed the results commented: "This type of effect has not previously been reported in medical journals. GlucosRx produced a three-fold greater increase when compared to the leading-selling pharmaceutical drugs."

The researchers who conducted the clinical trial commented: "GlucosRx™ was shown to be a safe and highly effective means of helping to control blood glucose levels naturally in the body in contrast to pharmaceuticals."

Other results: The triglyceride levels of GlucosRx™ users decreased by an average of 52.02 points. Those on the placebo showed an increase of an average of 16.80 points. Patients taking the nutritional supplement even lost an average of nine pounds in ninety days—without changing their eating habits.

Glenn W. Geng, president of SolaRx Health Solutions, the Florida-based company marketing GlucosRx™, said, "The results are simply astounding. So many people are not only concerned about their blood glucose levels but also about the potential side effects of the commonly-prescribed drugs. Now there is a natural alternative which actually outperformed the leading pharmaceuticals."

For the complete clinical trial visit

Glenn W. Geng

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About SolaRx Health

SolaRx Health specializes in natural solutions for diabetes.

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