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Press Release Category Health - Medicine - Lancer Media, Inc. Release Date: November 17, 2007

MCAT Guru Dr. Brett Ferdinand To Lecture in Plattsburgh

By Lancer Media, Inc.
November 17, 2007
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RuveneCo, in conjunction with, is proud and excited to announce that Dr. Brett L. Ferdinand, M.D., the MCAT Prep Guru, has agreed to lecture and direct MCAT Camp.

PR9.NET November 17, 2007 - Montreal, Canada - MCAT Camp will be hosted for one week at the State University of New York-Plattsburgh from Monday through Saturday, May 26-31, 2008.

"We've been so successful with our Gold Standard MCAT Series for the past 15 years because we continually offer new and efficient ways for pre-med students to train for the MCAT including books, DVD's, MP3's, CBT's and of course, our latest, the deck of Science Review Flashcards," comments Dr. Ferdinand. "Lecturing is another very effective strategy for teaching The Gold Standard MCAT Prep course because while it is intensive, it does bring the entire course to life for me and each student. I see how effective it can be for each pre-med student. I also benefit from their feedback which has served to make the MCAT Prep course what it is today."

"The reason we are hosting MCAT Camp in Plattsburgh is because more is learned in a confined group setting with limited distractions. Moreover, pre-med students will be in the company of colleagues, with others that are intent on passing the MCAT, as well. Therefore, there will be learning in the classroom and learning outside of it for the entire weeklong period."

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About Dr. Brett L. Ferdinand - MCAT Prep

For the past 15 years, Dr. Brett L. Ferdinand has authored and taught the leading MCAT Preparation Series called The Gold Standard MCAT ( Almost instantly, The Gold Standard MCAT became a bestseller and today, the Series is in its 15th printed edition.

Dr. Ferdinand is also a dynamic lecturer on the admissions process and the basic sciences for the MCAT. He has lectured in front of thousands of pre-med students and has reached thousands more through his books.

The key to Brett's success is twofold: 1) taking very difficult concepts and simplifying them, and 2) offering them in every advantageous medium for ease of study and retention. The Gold Standard MCAT is available in textbook, DVD video, Flashcards, MP3 and Computer-based Testing (CBT).

About Lancer Media, Inc.

Lancer Media, Inc. is located in Los Angeles and specializes in search engine optimization, search research and reputation and identity management.

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