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Press Release Category Health - Insurance - The Wealthy Dentist Release Date: May 16, 2008

Dentists Have No Lost Love for Insurance Companies

By The Wealthy Dentist
May 16, 2008
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Dentists are frustrated with the current system of dental insurance, feeling that it benefits the insurance companies more than dental patients or doctors.

PR9.NET May 16, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - Dental insurance is a major source of frustration for dentists, with 94% of dentists in a recent Wealthy Dentist poll saying they would like to see their colleagues organize against insurance companies. "Insurance benefits no one but the insurance company," opined one dentist.

Dentists' biggest complaint is that dental insurance benefits have not been raised in decades. "While fees for service continue to increase, the benefit allowance has stayed the same since the 1970s," complained a California dentist. "We dentists come out looking like the bad guys... go figure." "The customary benefit of $1,000.00 is laughable. That worked in 1960, but not in 2008," agreed a Massachusetts dentist.

Consumers are often confused by the fact that, unlike health insurance, dental insurance is not true insurance at all. Unaware of this, many patients needing significant amounts of dentistry are shocked to discover that their dental plans will pay only a small portion of their expenses.

Many dentists desire more public education about dental coverage. "We need to educate our patients that Dental and Medical Insurances are totally different animals," complained a Georgia dentist. "Patients have become so accustomed to the medical insurance model that they expect low co-pays and no out-of-pocket expenses, which is not a realistic attitude."

Dentists are indignant at the idea of insurance companies deciding which treatments are acceptable. "It's horrible! You can't do dentistry without insurance companies regulating patients acceptance and treatment," moaned an Iowa dentist.

The biggest dental organization in the US is the American Dental Association (ADA). "The ADA does not fight for us, and that is why I do not belong to the organization," said a California dentist. "I would have chosen another profession had I known the dental insurances were going to dictate so much of my profession."

Dentists wonder what the profession can do to do battle with the dental insurance industry. "I think dentists across the country should drop being a preferred dentist for all insurances," suggested a Georgia dental office worker. "Then we'd see a change in the chokehold insurance companies have on the health industry."

Some dentists would prefer not to get involved. "I don't feel any need to fight with insurance companies," said an Oregon dentist. "The financial battle is between the patient and the insurance company if the patient chooses to take up that battle. It's not my battle."

"Most consumers aren't aware of the vast difference between dental insurance and medical insurance," said Jim Du Molin, dental patient marketing guru and founder of dental website The Wealthy Dentist. "Dentists hate to be the ones to break the bad news to patients when insurance won't pay for treatment."

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