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Press Release Category Health - Insurance - Stanton & Associates Release Date: February 12, 2008

ScripNet's Call Ahead Program saves time for injured workers and pharmacies

By Stanton & Associates
February 12, 2008
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ScripNet calls injured workers ahead of their pharmacy visit to ensure they get the medications they need, saving time for injured workers and pharmacies, and reducing expense for Workers' Compensation Insurance Carriers.

PR9.NET February 12, 2008 - LAS VEGAS, NV - ScripNet, a nationwide pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) who contracts with workers' compensation insurance carriers and pharmacies to ease the availability of prescription medications to injured workers, is saving time and money with an innovative Call Ahead Program. The program is designed to let injured workers know the closest locations to get their medications, pre-approve the correct prescriptions, and pre-register with pharmacies to reduce delays at in-network pharmacies.

"We launched the Call Ahead Program over a year ago to make it easier on the injured worker, to be more efficient and cost effective for our contracted pharmacies, and to manage expenses for our insurance carrier customers," said Dennis Sponer, president and CEO of ScripNet.

The program delivers an automated message from ScripNet (on behalf of their employer and insurance carrier) to injured workers, who have been mailed a workers' compensation pharmacy card. Workers can learn where their closest in-network pharmacy location is, request a pre-authorization, or ask questions of ScripNet customer service, by pressing "2" on their telephone touchpad. Otherwise, a voice mail message is left with a toll-free call back telephone number. According to Lyle Green, vice president, MarkeTouch Media (, who administers the automated calls, "We have a very high "press 2" response rate, with over 31% transferring to talk with a ScripNet customer service person. And that doesn't count the number of people who call ScripNet back after we leave a voice mail."

ScripNet will also contact the pharmacy to set up a worker profile, and when necessary, get a pre-authorization for medications

For the injured worker, the Call Ahead Program makes the whole process easier and faster, eliminating questions and delays at the pharmacy. Workers are also more likely to get the correct medications within an approved Formulary, which is overseen by ScripNet's in-house pharmacist. If they need Mail Order Prescriptions, ScripNet can also expedite that process.

For the Pharmacist it saves both time and money and with a predetermination of the appropriate prescription, reduces confusion and stress at the pharmacy from not knowing whether the patient or a particular drug was approved before hand. Also, there typically is no guarantee that the pharmacy will get paid for workers' compensation prescriptions. With ScripNet's Call Ahead Program, the in-network/contracted pharmacy is guaranteed to get paid in 30 days.

For the Insurance Carrier it saves 11th hour calls for authorization. By getting the injured worker to an in-network pharmacy, ScripNet can save an average of 14% on brand medications and 38% when a generic is available. ScripNet can also guard against abuse, including "refills too soon" and "double-dipping" or filling the same prescription at multiple pharmacies. ScripNet's automated system enables adjusters and risk managers to spend less time manually processing pharmacy claims, resulting in reduced overall pharmacy expense that is associated with workers' compensation.

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