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ClaimVantage brings cloud-based claims processing software to South Africa

South African market holds promise for cloud technology companies
- ClaimVantage, January 22, 2014

Nexus Insurance Services Presents New Malpractice Liability Insurance Resources For Medical Students

Nexus Insurance Services, a professional malpractice insurance broker, just informed us that the company has a newly updated website with malpractice liability insurance content for medical students. - Nexus Insurance Services, July 29, 2011

Automated External Defibrillator Program Helps Businesses Comply With State Laws

When sudden cardiac arrest happens you've got 4 to 6 minutes to restart the heart. How far away is your automatic external defibrillator? AED's are as vital as fire extinguishers... and you need more than just the AED device to be in compliance with state and local laws and regulations; you need an AED Program with AED Program Management Services. - AED Program Management Services, June 10, 2009

Personal Injuries.Net Has Launched Their New Personal Injury Online Center

Online Personal Injury Centre: informational website for researching personal injury accidents with claim information and information about what you need to know about personal injury solicitors and accident lawyers. - SEO Expert Consulting, November 10, 2008

ACF Car Finance Announce Affiliate Prize Draw Competition

ACF Car Finance has announced the details of a new Prize Draw Competition open to the company's new and existing, approved and registered online Affiliates. - PR-Sending Enterprises, October 28, 2008

CheckPoint HR Releases "Top Reasons Conducting Employee Background Checks are Essential"

CheckPoint HR, an innovator and leading Administrative Service Organization (ASO), releases a list that details the reasons why companies in all industries and of all sizes need to make background checks a standard practice in their hiring process. - CheckPoint HR, July 15, 2008

Dentists Have No Lost Love for Insurance Companies

Dentists are frustrated with the current system of dental insurance, feeling that it benefits the insurance companies more than dental patients or doctors. - The Wealthy Dentist, May 16, 2008

Affordable Service Incorporated, ASI goes online- Providing a non insurance approach to reducing health care coverage

ASI's premier savings plan provides medical savings benefits for people with no health insurance coverage, people who cannot qualify for health insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and any elective or cosmetic procedures; or simply people who cannot afford health insurance coverage; by offering individuals and families with access to a network of doctors, dentists, and hospitals that provide health services at a discounted rate. ASI's premier saving plan will also work well as a supplement for someone that already has health insurance coverage. - ASI Incorporated, April 24, 2008

ScripNet ranked third largest Pharmacy Benefits Manager for Workers' Compensation by Business Insurance Magazine

ScripNet establishes industry position with growth, infrastructure, tools, and a call for efficiency, effectiveness and transparency. - Stanton & Associates, April 15, 2008

ScripNet's Call Ahead Program saves time for injured workers and pharmacies

ScripNet calls injured workers ahead of their pharmacy visit to ensure they get the medications they need, saving time for injured workers and pharmacies, and reducing expense for Workers' Compensation Insurance Carriers. - Stanton & Associates, February 12, 2008

Precedent Launches Revolutionary Individual Health Insurance Plans In Texas

Online Site Promises Easy Application, Instantaneous Quotes Plus Increased Coverage 'On Demand'. - Precedent Insurance, September 14, 2007 - Florida's Premier Nursing Home Medicaid Specialists

We are very glad to introduce and Medicaid Eligibility, Inc. as Florida's Premier Nursing Home Medicaid Specialists. -, June 02, 2007

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