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Health - Organizations Press Release Page 9 Health - Organizations

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Millions Seek Weight Loss On National Personal Trainer Awareness Day - Personal Trainer of the Year Award Winner Speaks Out

Every January 2nd millions of Americans, armed with their latest resolution they made the day before to lose weight and get in shape, start their annual attempt at making this the year they make positive, permanent healthy lifestyle changes. By February most of the ambition has faded and virtually all have returned to their familiar position - plopped in front of the television eating God knows what. National Personal Trainer Awareness Day was founded with the hopes of preventing this from continuing to happen.
-, December 02, 2005

Scientific research proves xanthones in mangosteen may reverse cholesterol & high blood pressure issues...

Scientific data from credible sources all over the world is beginning to support that xanthones dramatically imporve cell to cell communication within human bodies. This can lead to the body's ability to defeat some of the world's most dangerous and leading killers. Based on scientific research, xanthones are the most powerful antioxidants yet discovered. - Scott Evans & Associates, December 02, 2005

Ileostomy Surgery - "Is There Life Without 'A Bag'?"

Ileostomy surgery is on the minds of thousands of people who dare to imagine life without 'a bag'. They ask: "Is it possible for someone like me to live without wearing an appliance? Who do I turn to for information – and will I have to pay for it?" - Fast Track SEOP, December 02, 2005

Dental Implant Use on the rise in South Korea

According to the US Commercial Service, the South Korean dental device market was the second-largest in the Asia Pacific region in 2003, after Japan. A new report by Millennium Research Group (MRG) shows that the country's dental implant market is no exception to this study. - Quenchware, December 02, 2005

Government's STI failings result in increased business for UK health company

A supplier of home STI kits is reporting continuous high demand of its products to the British public due to the government's declining sexual health service. - Preventx, October 16, 2005

Voice Talents Spread Hurricane Katrina Awareness And Provide Financial Support

Professional voice-over talents sensitive to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts are voicing public service announcements and donating portions of voice-over sales to charities directly involved with search, rescue, and sustenance. Several voice professionals at have donated their services to help the cause. -, September 07, 2005

Philadelphia-based non-profit replacing apnea equipment destroyed by Hurricane Katrina

Awake In America, a Philadelphia-based non-profit, has launched OPERATION RESTORE CPAP, a disaster relief program for victims of Hurricane Katrina who have sleep apnea. - Awake In America, Inc., September 05, 2005

e-Zest adds two healthcare customers from USA

e-Zest Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an offshore software development outsourcing company has announced today that it has won over two prestigious client accounts of Healthcare Software Vendors from USA. - e-Zest Solutions Pvt. Ltd., August 26, 2005

Preventx Introducing New Chlamydia Tests

Preventx, a leading European supplier of drug testing kits is now supplying home Chlamydia test kits. - Preventx, August 18, 2005

Malaria Initiative Succeeding

Africa Malaria Day, April 25, is a reminder that Malaria is one the deadliest diseases in the world -- killing more than one million people per year, mostly poor women and young children in tropical countries. Because of this urgent need, in 2002, Freedom from Hunger, with help from the drug company GlaxoSmithKline, launched an anti-malaria pilot program in six West African countries.
- Freedom from Hunger, April 12, 2005 Surpasses 40,000 Active Members, the largest and fastest growing privately-held resource site for pharmacists in the United States, recently gained its 40,000th active member. members currently log more than 37,000 visits each month. - Pharmacy OneSource, Inc., March 10, 2005

Mi-Co Goes Vertical at HIMSS--Announces Mi-Forms Home Health Solution for Mobile Data Capture

First Vertical Solution built by Mi-Co using their Mi Forms Development Platform - Mi-Co, February 18, 2005

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