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Health - Organizations Press Release Page 6 Health - Organizations

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Revolutionary Diet Based on The Shifting Calories Theory Of Losing 9lbs in 11 days.

The Authors of the E-book, Fat Loss For Idiots, have made a new discovery that could mean an end to starvation diets and the way that calories are looked on in every day eating habits, with the use of their system, rotation eating patterns. - almiller, October 18, 2006

GeBBS set on expansion path

In order to meet the growing needs of current and potential clients, GeBBS plans to add delivery centers across multiple Indian cities. - GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, September 08, 2006

Autism Event in Orange County Needs Your Help

Cure Autism Now is Seeking Volunteers, Corporate Sponsors and Donations for The WALK NOW OC Event - WALK NOW, August 23, 2006

Indianetzone launches the Most Useful and Informative Site, the numero-uno educative and descriptive web portal of India, launches a website on Beauty. -, August 12, 2006

GeBBS acquires 2nd outsourcing contract with a large provider of Hospital ARM Services

GeBBS to provide Accounts Receivable Services to another provider of Hospital based ARM services. - GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, July 18, 2006

GeBBS wins a BPO contract to provide offshore Medical Bill Review Services

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, a leading provider of BPO and IT healthcare solutions in the offshore arena, has been awarded a BPO contract by a US based provider of Bill review Services. - GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, March 08, 2006

Philadelphia Area Dentist Giving 100% of Service to Children's Charities!

Philadelphia area dentist donating 100% of all whitening services directly to children's charities from now through June! Plus, the service price is lowered so people can help themselves AND help a child! - Advanced Dental Concepts, March 03, 2006

17 Million Americans Currently Suffer from Acne, Making it the Most Common Skin Disease in the United States

As NIAMS finds that nearly 17 million people in the United States currently have acne, making it the most common skin disease in the country, Ryan and Jill Cote have done extensive research and partnered with Tiffany LaurenĀ® to form -, February 24, 2006

Take Your Workout On The Road

Whether it is spring break, a business trip, or a family vacation to Disney World, traveling takes you away from your regular schedule and presents an obstacle to the fitness routine you have worked hard to create. While this is a time for many fair-weather fitness fans to abandon their commitment, a little preparation and creative thinking can make your trip a rewarding and physically challenging experience. - Fitness Trainers To Go Inc., February 21, 2006

Support Groups: How to Make the Most of Them

What to expect from a support group and how to get the most out of attending one. Topics include sharing your story and problems, getting and giving advice, and respecting differences of opinions and philosophies - Artbylt.Com, February 15, 2006

Workshop Offers Personalized Plan For Success With Detoxification, Disease Prevention, Weight Loss and More

Wellness club sponsors workshop which offers person-specific plan for disease prevention, weight management, and detoxification. Learn more about what your body needs to be well and stay well for life. - a life enriched, February 14, 2006

Workshop Offers Unique Opportunity For Personal Analysis and Disease Prevention Plan

Drop in style workshops will offer individuals the information to know exactly what their body needs to stay well and live disease free. Certified Specialists will work provide bio-interactive assessments and in-depth information that will create a simple, step by step plan of action for individuals to follow. - a life enriched, February 14, 2006

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