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Health - Organizations Press Release Page 5 Health - Organizations

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2007 Hands of Health Award Nomination Deadline is September 7

The John Rex Endowment will continue to accept nominations for the 2007 Hands of Health Award until the end of business on September 7. - Articulon, September 05, 2007

TRANSPLEX Center for Medicine and Rehabilitation Helps Philadelphia Area Injured Workers

Injured workers are much more likely to undergo successful rehabilitation and return to work if rehabilitation is started soon after the injury. A new medical facility in Philadelphia is designed to help them. - Transplex Center For Medicine and Rehabilitation, July 09, 2007

Your Practice Online develops Website for IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity)

Your Practice Online, a website designing company which has developed many health & medical websites, has now developed a website for International Federation for Surgery of Obesity - ypo, April 25, 2007

Life Needn't Be a Headache – Help is At Hand!

Sufferers of frequent headaches can now find the help and advice they have been looking for at This website is refreshingly different from the majority of others that make false promises and offer treatments that do not work because this site was created by fellow sufferers. They have all been through the agony of searching for relief from their chronic pain and have been taken in by many of the bogus claims made by others. Now they have found treatments that really work and they are eager to provide you with valuable information and advice, so you can get the help you need. - KPC Publishing Company, April 14, 2007

NESTA call for innovative proposals in mental health for its £1/2 million innovation initiative

NESTA to seek out innovative solutions in partnership with Mental Health Foundation - Elemental Communications, April 13, 2007

Study of a Natural Chelator's Effect on Autism Expanded and Renewed

As the first ever clinical study examining a natural chelator's effect on autism disorders moves into it's second year, it's expanded protocol was approved by its FDA approved Independent Review Board. To date, approximately sixty children have been identified or accepted into the study. Recruiting will continue until the needed eighty children have been accepted and an additional twelve alternatives have been identified. - Health and Wellness Research Institute, February 27, 2007

Whole Youth is making the organic Annique rooibos health and skin care product line available in the USA

Whole Youth, a natural wellness and beauty distributor located in Southern California, has brought the herbal Annique Rooibos skin care products to the USA. - Whole Youth, February 16, 2007

IDM Announces New Dog Health Info Website, an Internet Data Metrics web property, has expanded to provide information about dog health and grooming Initial information will center around the threats to dogs caused by the current nationwide heat wave. Summer heat can not only be dangerous to you it can also be dangerous to your dog. As the temperature rises you will need to give extra attention to the needs of your dog in order to assure their safety - Internet Data Metrics, February 15, 2007

See How To Triple Your Chances Of Becoming Pregnant

Learn how to triple your chances of becoming pregnant. See how quick and easy it can be. - Harris Corporation, February 12, 2007

Mayhem Studios' works published in Creativity Awards 36

Mayhem Studios' works featured in David E. Carter's next book, Creativity Annual Awards 36, released Summer of 2007 by Harper Collins. - Mayhem Studios, January 24, 2007

Teeth Whitening Products - Does New Technology Always Produce Better Results?

Vitint® has produced Safe & White teeth bleaching gel. The company claims that it's a "peroxide-free tooth whitener that does not use aggressive ingredients to whiten teeth. It is based on unique and patented Ardox-X technology with active oxygen." Professional dentist of London Dental Institute is commenting on some of such claims. -, November 26, 2006

British company set to challenge US Sites for erectile dysfunction market

Firstmed UK announces expansion eastwards in an attempt to secure a piece of the lucrative Japanese market. -, October 27, 2006

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