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Health - Organizations Press Release Page 4 Health - Organizations

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Truth About Abs System Turns Unwanted Belly Fat into Rock Hard Abs

Can you actually shed unwanted belly fat and have rock hard abs? New System is producing real results. - Good Marketing, February 17, 2008

OmniMD Introduces Integrating Medical Billing with Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

A medical billing service is a doctor's key to getting paid. Although the medical profession is adopting various systems to streamline workflow, most doctors are still finding it difficult to get paid fairly and quickly. - omnimd, February 13, 2008 - Announces The Launch Of Their New Way to Get Rid Of Diabetes, a leading marketer in Diabetic cares has introduced different ways to get rid of diabetes. These Tips will address the problems related Diabetes, Diabetic Patients, Carbohydrate Counting diet, Exchange Diet and so on.
- Diabetic Cares, December 30, 2007

StatMedica defends medical tourism

The term "medical tourism" is often taken out of context and misunderstood. StatMedica wishes to challenge the misunderstandings surrounding treatment overseas. - StatMedica UK Ltd, December 05, 2007

easyDNA Launches Operations in Australia and New Zealand

DNA paternity testing firm easyDNA has expanded its operations to provide its DNA testing services in two new markets: Australia and New Zealand. - easyDNA, November 17, 2007

Estetica Brasil announces the availability of Light Lipo

Fortaleza, Brazil, Estetica Brasil is a medical tourism company specializing in providing plastic surgery combined with a vacation. It works with a select group of highly skilled plastic surgeons in Fortaleza, Brazil. Estetica Brasil announced the launch of Light Lipo, a liposuction procedure performed in the surgeon's office, with no hospital stay required. - Estetica Brazil, October 16, 2007

Advanced Wellness Solutions Introduces the Health Wizard Fitness Optimization Software for Health Savvy Baby Boomers

President Mark Ferris and his staff at Advanced Wellness Solutions of Seattle have announced the release of the Health Wizard health and fitness optimization software for consumer use. The web-based software is available now at in response to the demand for less expensive and more user friendly monitoring of several critical areas of personal health. - AWS, October 12, 2007

Medical Tourism in India: First American Receives Liver Transplant Through WorldMed Assist

Medical tourism company helps patient get liver transplant at a fraction of U.S. prices. - pressreasepoint, October 10, 2007

Are you being depressed by the "Energy Vampires" in your life?

Dr. Goldberg presents dozens of exercises in Protected By The Light to train the reader to defend themselves against these energy vampires. - pressreasepoint, October 08, 2007

Ipod Fitness Center announces release of iPhit - Nike+ Exercise Tracking sent to your iPhone

The online Fitness center and social networking community that enables you to use your Ipod Nano and Nike for exercise tracking while helping you stick to your fitness program. Membership in our online fitness center is free. -, October 04, 2007

Ronco Introduces the most Technologically Advanced Disposable Glove on the Market

Ronco Protective Products, a leader in disposable glove manufacturing, now offers an innovative and exclusive disposable glove made from Nitech, the most technologically advanced material on the market. - Ronco, September 28, 2007

Health World Web 2.0 unveiled

Health World Web is a social networking tool that allows users to meet other patients with similar problems, interests or goals in local neighborhoods and throughout the world by joining communities or forming direct connections. - Health World Web, September 24, 2007

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