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Press Release Category Health - Organizations - AWS Release Date: October 12, 2007

Advanced Wellness Solutions Introduces the Health Wizard Fitness Optimization Software for Health Savvy Baby Boomers

October 12, 2007
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President Mark Ferris and his staff at Advanced Wellness Solutions of Seattle have announced the release of the Health Wizard health and fitness optimization software for consumer use. The web-based software is available now at in response to the demand for less expensive and more user friendly monitoring of several critical areas of personal health.

PR9.NET October 12, 2007 - Seattle, Washington - If you're a Baby-Boomer, the ability to monitor your health status becomes more important with each passing day. In fact the three most pressing concerns of the typical Boomer are anti-aging, stress management, and weight.

Monitoring weight has always been easy but because aging has less to do with chronology and more to do with biology, how can you actually see the direction and speed of your real "bio" age? Consider also stress. Knowing your stress level is a "right now" issue that must be dealt with before the symptoms become noticeable.

Using a simple ear clip bio-sensor, the online AWS Health Wizard software gives the user the ability to monitor and optimize their personal health and fitness in the comfort of their home or on the road from any computer. Amazingly, all tests can be performed in 10 minutes or less.

Several areas of personal health are reported to the user including a robust overall health "snapshot," a ground-breaking biological age comparison module and a personal fitness evaluation that requires no strenuous physical effort! AWS Health Wizard also adds a Stress- Sweeper stress reduction feature that needs to be seen to be believed.

The Health Wizard is great for corporate and wellness center applications as well. For instance, listen to what Jenny Adams Ph.D., Senior Cardiac Research Scientist has to say about the Stress Sweeper module of the program in the pilot wellness program at a major Dallas hospital:

"When we are trying to teach our employees about health and wellness it is easy to do exercise prescription, teach about appropriate cholesterol values, determine a goal weight and teach how many calories and what food to eat. There is now even a drug they can take to help with tobacco cessation. The only risk factor for which we have no tangible way to set goals or practice on a daily basis is stress management.

With the health wizard, we are able to identify employees who have stress in their lives. Through use of a simple test, we can first determine who needs to set goals about improving their stress techniques in their lives. Then, through use of the validated paced breathing system, we can actually teach employees how to manage their stress and become healthier through daily use of Stress Sweeper training which can be effective in as little as 10 minutes.

This is the first time in 16 years of working in the cardiac profession that I have had a tangible way to teach stress management. Through use of the health wizard, I am able to help employees set goals based on real data including all components of the risk factors for health. Providing employees with a well rounded program including goal-setting (for stress) differentiates our wellness program from many others who do not have the health wizard."

AWS President Mark Ferris is confident that once people see the power of this software, it will show itself as indispensable because it finally allows a user to accurately determine which of the many health and fitness routines they perform daily are working and which ones are not.

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